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Warframe announces The New War for all platforms

Warframe announces The New War for all platforms

Published: Monday, November 15, 2021Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Windows, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Store

Warframe developer Digital Extremes is inviting new and returning players to discover its free 30+ hour story-based Cinematic Quest within the critically acclaimed action game as the Canadian publisher and developer treks toward launching its next and largest expansion, The New War, on all platforms in December.

Warframe Prime Resurgence

Full of non-stop space action, combat, and a personal story of self-discovery, Warframe’s Cinematic Quest is a AAA developed single-player experience taking players on a journey across 16 planets with 3 Open Worlds as they work to restore balance to a fractured intergalactic ecosystem - The Origin System - left in a state of all-out war.

To prepare players for the action and threats of The New War, Digital Extremes is introducing its first-ever, massive, limited-run Prime unvaulting program, Prime Resurgence, to Warframe on November 16. Prime Resurgence gives players an opportunity to instantly unlock or earn a selection of Warframe’s rarest and most powerful Prime Warframes, the Prime Vanguard, on a rotating basis through the expansion’s release in December. An extension of Warframe’s Prime Vault program, Prime Resurgence will reward players with unprecedented access to 18 Prime Warframes and gear previously retired from Warframe’s reward tables and will bring a wealth of long-awaited content to players on all platforms.

“There has never been a better time to play Warframe,” said Digital Extremes COO Sheldon Carter. "Prime Resurgence will bring powerful Prime Warframes to players that participate, and will create an exciting experience for newcomers and Warframe collectors while preparing everyone for the launch of The New War."

A new trailer highlights Warframe’s story so far and features a first-look at the game’s upcoming cinematic CG short teasing an old friend, now turned enemy:

The full The New War cinematic trailer will premiere during Devstream #158 on November 30 at 10 a.m. ET/ 3 pm GMT, where more unveils, giveaways, and exclusive Twitch drops will also take place.

Beginning November 16, each week Warframe players will have an opportunity to instantly unlock or earn two Prime Warframes, along with their Prime Weapons and Accessories from a new event shop located in Maroo’s Bazaar. Former Dax, Varzia, the shop’s new vendor, will help players enact the Prime Resurgence, recovering Prime Warframes who lay dormant in Orokin technology using curious new resources: Aya and Regal Aya.

The New War is Warframe’s biggest Cinematic Quest expansion in its 8-year development history and will offer players more ways to engage with its sprawling sci-fi universe. New playable characters will be added for the first time, along with new environments, threats and challenges, plus the addition of Warframe’s 48th unique Warframe into the game, all while answering longstanding questions about its bold and intimate story. Arriving in December, The New War will also introduce new Customizations, Weapons, and Accessories, giving players limitless power to look and play the way they want. Furthering its commitment to players, Digital Extremes will bring Cross Save and Cross Play features and Warframe for Mobile to players in 2022. New, existing, and returning players can jump in now and start preparing to unite opposing forces as the Tenno and heroic villains save the Origin System from the invading Sentient threat. A Warframe Quest Guide is available to help players prepare for war.

Prime Resurgence: Assemble The Prime Vanguard

Week 1 Rotation

November 16

Mag Prime & Nova Prime

Week 2 Rotation

November 23

Limbo Prime & Trinity Prime

Week 3 Rotation

November 30

Mesa Prime & Hydroid Prime

Week 4 Rotation

December 7

Volt Prime & Loki Prime

Week 5 Rotation

December 14

Vauban Prime & Ash Prime

Week 6 Rotation

December 21

Oberon Prime & Nekros Prime

Week 7 Rotation

December 28

Saryn Prime & Valkyr Prime

Week 8 Rotation

January 4

Ember Prime & Frost Prime

January 11

Last Chance for Weeks 1 - 4


Rhino Prime & Nyx Prime

January 18

Last Chance for Weeks 5 - 8


Rhino Prime & Nyx Prime

How It Works: Instantly Access or Play to Earn

A new in-game event store will be introduced to Warframe in Maroo’s Bazaar on November 16 where players can awaken the ancient Orokin Prime Vanguard by interacting with Varzia and exchanging a new curious currency, Aya and Regal Aya, for Void Relics or fully built Prime Warframes, Weapons, and Accessories:

  • Gather Aya from select missions and bounties or Purchase Regal Aya

  • Exchange Aya for Void Relics | Open Void Relics for Prime Parts

  • Exchange Regal Aya for Fully Built Prime Gear

For step-by-step details visit:

The Prime Advantage

During unvaulting periods, Prime Warframes, Weapons, and Accessories can be instantly unlocked or earned, allowing players to tap into the power and prestige of the Prime Warframe. A Prime Warframe, Weapon, or Accessory represents technology as it was during the height of the Orokin Era and boasts superior performance and other advantages over its non-primed counterpart. Prime Warframes, in particular, offer increased base stats and additional polarity slots offering maximum customization, among other features like enhanced visual style.

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