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The Top 5 Xbox Exclusives Every Student Can (and Should) Play

The Top 5 Xbox Exclusives Every Student Can (and Should) Play

Published: Tuesday, February 08, 2022Tagged: Gaming

One can without a shadow of doubt or exaggeration say that video games are awesome. Not only do they help us to have some good time alone or with friends, but they also can relieve stress and even help us get focused.

Today, a vast array of video games is available and the only constraint there might be is the platform the game is created for. Xbox remains one of the most popular ones not only because of its flexibility but also because of its super cool choice of exclusives. Let’s take a dive into the awesome world Microsoft has created for us and see what we can take from it.

On Games

Surely, when it comes to video games, Microsoft is quite a serious competitor. Being the company responsible for the most popular video game platform, Windows PC, Microsoft got a good grip of consoles for sure. With Xbox being quite powerful and flexible, the company could even reshape all the useful habits of a college student who likes taking a gaming break from time to time. All thanks to the versatility of the games and their optimization.

Now, there are lots of ways students can benefit from playing video games. One thing is for sure, any video game can largely help in concentrating and relieving stress. Just think about it, shooters and action games require swift reaction, strategies need some deep thought and thorough planning, while RPGs demand attention to detail. No matter what game you play, you can focus deeply and stimulate your brain pretty well. Even some of the best writers working with admit that they take a gaming break once in a while and produce some of the best papers. So, it’s time to look into some of their best picks for students.

The Champion Set

Obviously, not all games are perfect for concentration. Generally, the best ones involve your attention and require you to think fast. Additionally, such games should not be too frustrating on at least a medium level of difficulty (if there are such levels available at all). Here are some of the best picks that can boast all listed characteristics. While some of these games are not exactly Xbox exclusives as they are also available on PC, they are certainly console-exclusive for Xbox.

  1. Sunset Overdrive - Created by Insomniac Entertainment, a developer working mostly for PlayStation, this game will definitely become your favorite in no time. With its rapidly developing action, bright colors, and awesomely absurd humor, Sunset Overdrive is definitely the Xbox exclusive to open our list. As you buy the game, be sure, you’ll not park it in your library to play from time to time. It’ll quickly become your favorite and most replayed game.

  2. Sea of Thieves - If you ever dreamt of becoming a part of a pirate story as a child, now’s your time. Being slightly cartoonish and brilliantly humorous, the Sea of Thieves will sail you through all the fun one can have at sea. Play along, with friends, or find new ones in the endless sea of adventure this game offers.

  3. Rare Replay - Not one but rather 30 (!) legendary games by Nintendo, all optimized for Xbox and packed in this awesome collection. Presenting a nearly complete history of the video game developer Rare from 1983 to 2008, this collection includes a huge span of games, from platformers to action-adventure games. Tons of fun guaranteed.

  4. Deep Rock Galactic - Another great game with a wonderful sense of humor. Offering dynamic and diverse gameplay as a member of the team of space dwarves, Deep Rock Galactic will not get you bored for a moment and you’ll definitely return to it several times at least.

  5. Quantum Break - Third-person shooters might not seem exciting at first, but it’s not the case with the Quantum Break. Being fast-paced but challenging, this piece should become a staple of your collection that can be played and replayed again and again.

Getting Strapped Up

Another interesting characteristic of video games is that they are extremely immersive. They make you spend hours having fun and working with your brain at its best. Yet, that might also be their disadvantage, especially for students. The main thing for you to remember as you play, thus, would be not to get lost in time. Try not to spend too much time trying to focus on your assignment. That will not only save that assignment for you but also make every playtime as fun as it only can get.


Joanne Elliot is a student at heart herself, so she definitely knows what she’s writing about. She spent her college years with books in one hand and a gamepad in the other. While there are lots of other things about college Joanne can tell you about, all that is worth tons of separate articles on student life.

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