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Action-adventure RPG 'Moo Lander' is coming soon to Xbox One - Download the free demo!

Action-adventure RPG 'Moo Lander' is coming soon to Xbox One - Download the free demo!

Published: Friday, February 18, 2022Tagged: Gaming, [email protected], Xbox Demo, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Store

Sixth Hammer has announced that Moo Lander is heading to Xbox One. Moo Lander is an action-adventure RPG with Metroidvania elements featuring an epic story about cows and milk. In the game the milk is the purest and most effective resource.

Since Moo Lander will very soon be joining the big Xbox games' family, The Sixth Hammer team has prepared a special demo build – bigger, better, more beautiful than ever, more challenging than before! Packing a 30 to 40 minutes singleplayer campaign and almost limitless multiplayer action with three super fun modes – PvP, PvE battles and Galactic Mooball soccer simulator.

This is a demo version, and it offers unlockable battle skins, challenging creatures to combat, Mighty Cow boss battles, beautiful graphics, self-recorded orchestral music, RPG elements, multiplayer and lots of milk! And now you can experience all these features on your Xbox One console. How cool is that?

Key Features

Some of the cool gameplay features in this Moo Lander demo include:

  • Unlockable camouflage modules - throughout the levels, there are collectables scattered, can you find them all to unlock new looks for your flying spaceship?
  • The Milk Arsenal - learn how to use The Milk Shield and The Milk Saber for defense and offense (or both). The Milk Bullets are the default milk-powered weapon.
  • "Ask Hamilton" option - yep, it is exactly that - you can ask your ship's AI Hamilton for some useful information about the flora and fauna of the world you explore.
  • Balanced difficulty levels - you have three options to choose from: the cheasy run, the normal playthrough or the legendairy soulslike experience. The chouce is yours.
  • Galactic Mooball mooltiplayer mode - play with three of your friends locally, two teams, one moobal, lots of soccer arenas. Here, you can play as the cow as well, and you can choose a special mooball (with its own physical trait) for each match.

And many more exiting details, which we won't spoil here, but will leave you to find for yourself during your demo playthrough.

Demo Length

With all that being said, the new Moo Lander demo is extended to about 30-40 (and even longer on harder difficulty) minutes of intense gameplay, not including the mooltiplayer options. There are also three difficult levels added – easy, normal and hard. The last one being for those of you who fancy a souls-like challenge. Expect environmental puzzles as well, and many, many alien creatures along the way to victory. But you don’t have to be alone in this journey – you can invite some friends over to enjoy the 4-player couch co-op multiplayer!

Click here to download the Moo Lander demo!

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