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Moo Lander Achievements

Full list of Moo Lander achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Moo Lander has 44 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

I, Lander I, Lander 0 Landed successfully on Mars 22
I like to moove it moove it I like to moove it moove it 0 Reached maximum experience level 22
Guns a?blazing Guns a?blazing 0 Got your guns back 22
A bright light A bright light 0 Got your beamers back 22
Dashing through the Milk Dashing through the Milk 0 Got your engine booster back 22
Caves Master Caves Master 0 Completed the Caves biome 30
Hills Master Hills Master 0 Completed the Hills biome 27
Milk Ranger Milk Ranger 0 Completed the Daily Forest biome 30
Night Stalker Night Stalker 0 Completed the Night Forest biome 30
Adapt, Overcowme Adapt, Overcowme 0 Purchased an ability upgrade 22
Camooflage Master Camooflage Master 0 Unlocked a camouflage module 22
Can?t touch this Can?t touch this 0 Blocked 100 enemy attacks with The Milk Shield 22
Stay Hidden Stay Hidden 0 Collected all the camouflage modules 22
First Cowntact First Cowntact 0 Defeated the wisdom mighty cow 22
The cowardly cow The cowardly cow 0 Defeated the pebble mighty cow 22
The Mooltiverse The Mooltiverse 0 Defeated the universe mighty cow 22
Cowpunk Cowpunk 0 Defeated the cyber mighty cow 22
Roleplay Roleplay 0 Got your first role in a multiplayer session 22
Cow-Op Cow-Op 0 Beaten your first cow together with a friend in a PvE multiplayer session 22
Milk from below Milk from below 0 Defeated your first Lander in a PvP multiplayer session as a cow 22
Hard Milk Hard Milk 0 Beaten your first cow in a PvP multiplayer session 22
Galactic Moochampion Galactic Moochampion 0 Completed your first Galactic Mooball multiplayer session 22
I will survive I will survive 0 Survived all the enemy waves in Survive the Waves multiplayer mode 25
Golden Goal is back Golden Goal is back 0 Scored a golden goal in the Galactic Mooball multiplayer mode 22
True Cowboy True Cowboy 0 Completed your first cow chase 24
Lander Scorer Lander Scorer 0 Scored 10 goals in a Galactic Mooball match as a Lander 23
Milk Scorer Milk Scorer 0 Scored 10 goals in a Galactic Mooball match as a cow 23
A story about the milk A story about the milk 0 Complete the game on story mode 22
Cheesing it Cheesing it 0 Complete the game on cheasy mode 22
A new challenger A new challenger 0 Complete the game on challenge mode 23
Galactose Intolerant Galactose Intolerant 0 Complete the game on legendairy mode 24
Holy Cow Holy Cow 0 Defeat the final mighty cow boss 24

Secret Achievements

The Keymaker The Keymaker 0 Gathered all three keys for the chest 22
Iron Cow Iron Cow 0 Defeated the armored mighty cow 22
Spoiled milk Spoiled milk 0 Defeated the toxic mighty cow 22
Fatal attraction Fatal attraction 0 Defeated the magnetic mighty cow 22
Eye of the Tiger Eye of the Tiger 0 Defeated the Cowger mighty cow 22
Two of a kind Two of a kind 0 Defeated the two mighty calves 22
Before it lays eggs Before it lays eggs 0 Defeated the spider mighty cow 22
Cow Zero Cow Zero 0 Defeated the frozen mighty cow 25
One with nature One with nature 0 Defeated the druid mighty cow 22
The Milk Arts The Milk Arts 0 Defeated the dark wizard mighty cow 22
Necowmancer Necowmancer 0 Defeated the skeleton mighty cow 10
Fight fire with milk Fight fire with milk 0 Defeated the molten mighty cow 22