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Planet Zoo: Console Edition Achievements

Full list of Planet Zoo: Console Edition achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Planet Zoo: Console Edition has 38 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Welcome to Planet Zoo Welcome to Planet Zoo 0 Avatar created and placed on the globe 5
Bronze Award Bronze Award 0 Gained a Bronze award in a Career zoo 5
Silver Award Silver Award 0 Gained a Silver award in a Career zoo 10
Gold Award Gold Award 0 Gained a Gold award in a Career zoo 15
Bronze Career Bronze Career 0 All original Career levels completed to Bronze standard 30
Silver Career Silver Career 0 All original Career levels completed to Silver standard 60
Gold Career Gold Career 0 All original Career levels completed to Gold standard 90
Franchise Zoo Franchise Zoo 0 First Franchise zoo opened 10
Global Zoo Global Zoo 0 25 Franchise zoos opened 50
Tour Guide Tour Guide 0 1km of ride tracks built 5
Barrier Builder Barrier Builder 0 10km of barrier built 10
Life finds a way Life finds a way 0 First baby animal born in your zoo 10
Baby Boom Baby Boom 0 73 baby animals born in your zoos 20
Ghost Ghost 0 An albino animal was born in your zoo 20
Say Goodbye Say Goodbye 0 First animal released into the wild 10
Welcome to the Family Welcome to the Family 0 First animal adopted 5
Trainer Trainer 0 Fully trained a member of staff 10
Zoologist Zoologist 0 Completely researched every animal in the original release in a single non-Sandbox zoo 75
Planet Zoo Planet Zoo 0 Zoo opened on every continent in Franchise mode 75
Diversity Diversity 0 Zoo opened in every biome in Franchise mode 25
Nerd Nerd 0 Education Rating of 5 Stars achieved on a non-Sandbox zoo 25
Loaner Loaner 0 $50,000 in loans repaid 20
Community Community 0 You took part in a Community Challenge 15
Enriched Enriched 0 25 different Enrichment Items placed 10
This One’s a Keeper This One’s a Keeper 0 You have at least 3 Keepers, each with a different Work Zone (Sandbox, Franchise, or Challenge mode 15
Circle of Life Circle of Life 0 Juvenile Lion born in a zoo containing at least 10 species 25
Oh My! Oh My! 0 Lion, Tiger and a Bear present in your zoo at any one time 15
The Elephant(s) in the Room The Elephant(s) in the Room 0 Two different breeds of Elephant born in your zoo 25
Natural Selection Natural Selection 0 Animal present in your zoo with a genetic makeup of over 90% in all categories 25
Redecorating Redecorating 0 All Enrichments Items in an Exhibit enabled 20
Animal Research Animal Research 0 Research complete on one animal in Franchise mode 15
Wow that's a lot Wow that's a lot 0 Habitat built with 30 animals in that all have over 75% Welfare 15
Rebuilding Rebuilding 0 20 critically endangered animals released into the wild 25
A Superstar Comes Along A Superstar Comes Along 0 Attained a 5 star status animal 10
An Elephant Never Forgets An Elephant Never Forgets 0 Retiring Indian Elephants in Scenario 7 adopted 20
Shiny Bronze Award Shiny Bronze Award 0 All original Career levels completed to a Bronze standard on Hard difficulty 30
Shiny Silver Award Shiny Silver Award 0 All original Career levels completed to a Silver standard on Hard difficulty 60
Shiny Gold Award Shiny Gold Award 0 All original Career levels completed to a Gold standard on Hard difficulty 90