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Hellpoint will be making the leap to next-gen Xbox Series & PlayStation 5 consoles on July 12th

Hellpoint will be making the leap to next-gen Xbox Series & PlayStation 5 consoles on July 12th

Published: Wednesday, May 18, 2022Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Xbox DLC, Xbox Series X|S

Publisher tinyBuild (@tinyBuild) and developers Cradle Games (@CradleGames) announce that the dark sci-fi action RPG Hellpoint will be making the leap to next-gen consoles (Xbox Series & PlayStation 5) on July 12th, accompanied by the chilling, thrilling new DLC adventure, Blue Sun.

For the first time outside of a high-end PC, players will be able to take in the sights and sounds of the cursed space station of Irid Novo in pin-sharp 4k, running at a silky smooth 60fps on Xbox Series and PlayStation 5. Loading times are also drastically decreased.

Launching alongside the next-gen update is the first DLC expansion for Hellpoint - Blue Sun - first announced in August 2021. In this new adventure, the Spawn will delve into strange, never-before-seen locations within Irid Novo, behold the influence of the cosmic gods and discover the true cause of the Merge cataclysm.

For the uninitiated, Hellpoint was the debut game by independent studio Cradle Games. Set in a surreal and dark science-fantasy future, mankind and aliens alike seek to harness the power of the soul, and to wrest power away from the cosmic gods of old.

Something strange has happened aboard the colossal space station Irid Novo. The black hole it orbits seemingly grows hungrier by the day, and mad cultists and void-spawned demons stalk the halls. The station's AI has created you—a 3D-printed agent—to investigate.

Featuring intense hack n' slash action combat solo or in co-op (split-screen or online), Hellpoint plunges players into a twisted universe where the line between magic and technology has blurred to nothingness. Players will arm themselves with blades, rifles and more esoteric weapons, and face off against ancient cosmic deities in their quest to unravel the station's dark truths.

Hellpoint is Out on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC, Mac, Linux, and Stadia. The next-gen update arrives on Xbox Series X and PS5 on July 12th, along with the release of the Blue Sun DLC.

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