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Unusual Findings launches for consoles and PC!

Unusual Findings launches for consoles and PC!

Published: Wednesday, October 12, 2022Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Steam, Windows, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Store

Pixel art based classic point & click adventure game Unusual Findings is now available on all platforms including Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch and Steam for $19.99 / €19.99.

Unusual Findings launches for consoles and PC!

Immerse yourself into a world that pays homage to 80s classics such as The Goonies, Monster Squad, Terminator, Aliens and The Lost Boys amongst many others, and gameplay that combines the mechanics of a classic point and click adventure such as “Full throttle”, but with it’s own unique twist and much more. A world that is designed to ooze nostalgia from every pore, check the Video Buster Store out for clues, challenge other kids at the Laser Llamas Arcades, learn a new trick at the Emerald Sword comic store, try to get along with the Lost Boys with their punk aesthetic in their hideout, or perhaps even dare to ask The Bull -the quintessential 80s action hero- for some help!

Unusual Findings will also be available at a 15% launch discount on Steam during the first week after release. ESDigital Games also announced a giveaway for Unusual Findings on Twitter, where the lucky winner could win a collectible figurine, the game’s soundtrack plus a digital copy of Unusual Findings and Darkestville Castle - Epic Llama Games previous title.

Unusual Findings is available on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC via Steam for $19.99 / €19.99.

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