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New Train Sim World 3 Bundles Releasing Feb. 21 on Console and PC

New Train Sim World 3 Bundles Releasing Feb. 21 on Console and PC

Published: Wednesday, February 08, 2023Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Steam, Windows, Xbox DLC, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X|S

Dovetail Games announced that new and upgraded Train Sim World 3 (@trainsimworld) content focusing on American routes and locomotives is set to arrive on February 21 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC via Steam and the Epic Store.

New Train Sim World 3 Bundles Releasing Feb. 21 on Console and PC

Set to arrive on Feb. 21 on Consoles and PC, the individual items of DLC includes Amtrak’s Acela® and Fallen Flag locomotives. Bundles in the form of the Train Sim World 3: U.S. Passenger Bundle and Train Sim World 3: U.S. Freight Bundle are now available pre-order on all platforms.

Passenger Content

The flagship addition for passenger train fans is the iconic Amtrak’s Acela®, arriving in Train Sim World for the first time. This high speed passenger train celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2020 and continues to ferry Americans through the Northeast Corridor. A section of this route, Northeast Corridor: New York - Trenton, forms a new route for Train Sim World 3, including NJ TRANSIT’s 7,100 horsepower ALP-46 to run alongside the Acela in this passenger-heavy route.

The Acela will also be available to operate in several Scenarios along the upgraded Northeast Corridor: Boston – Providence route, first seen in the Train Sim World 2: Rush Hour release and now featuring Train Sim World 3’s weather and lighting improvements. American diesel-hauled passenger services will also appear here, courtesy of MBTA’s F40PC-3C locomotive and Cab Car capable of a top-speed of 90 miles-per-hour.

Freight Content

Freight fans can enjoy the colorful selection of SD70ACe locomotives arriving through the included Union Pacific Heritage Pack celebrating, defunct railroads of decades past. These loco’s can run in six Scenarios on the previously released Sherman Hill: Cheyenne – Laramie route, which will receive an overhaul to introduce the new weather and lighting features at the center of Train Sim World 3.

Train Sim World 3: US Freight Bundle also includes Cajon Pass: Barstow – San Bernardino, featuring BNSF ES44C4 and SD40-2 locomotives hauling mile-long freight through California as they negotiate the 85-mile route. The Training Center will be important for new operators to learn and practice the skills required to operate these leviathans of American railroading

U.S. Super Bundle

Railfans new to Train Sim World 3 keen on everything the U.S.A. has to offer can go all-in with Train Sim World 3: U.S. Super Bundle, combining both passenger and freight bundles into one awesome package.

These three bundles can all be pre-ordered now with a 10% discount on Steam. For new players, a New York Starter Pack will also be available on all platforms from Feb. 21, featuring the new Northeast Corridor: New York – Trenton route and Training Center, offering a perfect first journey in Train Sim World.

Existing Train Sim World 3 owners will also be able to purchase each of the component parts of the U.S. Super Bundle separately on Feb. 21, and those with the previous version of the Sherman Hill and Boston – Providence route Add-ons will receive the lighting and weather upgrades for free when purchasing any Train Sim World 3 package.

Train Sim World 3: US Passenger Bundle and Train Sim World 3: US Freight Bundle are available for pre-order on Steam for: $59.99/£49.99/€59.99 and $49.99/£44.99/€49.99 respectively. Train Sim World 3: US Super Bundle is available for pre-order for: $94.99/£79.99/€94.99. Individual items of downloadable content and a New York Starter Pack will be available on all platforms from Feb. 21.

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