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Demon Turf's 'Tower' DLC is OUT NOW on Steam, Epic Game Store & GOG

Demon Turf's 'Tower' DLC is OUT NOW on Steam, Epic Game Store & GOG

Published: Tuesday, March 07, 2023Tagged: Epic Store, Gaming, GOG, ID@Xbox, Steam, Windows

Publisher Playtonic Friends and developer Fabraz confirmed that Demon Turf's free DLC expansion, Tower, is OUT NOW on Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG! Compete in contests for some amazing cash prizes, right now!

Demon Turf's 'Tower' DLC is OUT NOW on Steam, Epic Game Store & GOG

You've been stripped of all your powers and there's only one way to regain them: Climb the Jester's impossibly high tower! Can you overcome all of the hazardous challenges and gain back your abilities, one by one? All it takes is one slip up and you'll have to start over...

You'll be sweating, you'll be swearing but with each attempt you'll climb just a bit higher... And just that much closer to beating this incredibly tough challenge! Good luck, fellow demon!

  • Roguelite-lite-esque gameplay! That's a mouthful, what does that mean exactly youy ask? You HAVE to beat the tower in one run but it is NOT randomized. And the higher you get, the more powers you'll permanently unlock to help you in your next climb!
  • One huge level with no loading zones and full of new challenges, hazards and platforming goodness!
  • Ability loadout! Pick & adjust how your unlocked powers work to best fit your playstyle!
  • Any% leaderboard! It'll be tough to beat the tower, but even if you do, can you be the fastest at it?
  • Each time you retry, you'll see where you died last! *Feel* your progress!
  • A brand new story featuring characters new and old!
  • Photo Mode, of course!
  • Settings galore!

Demon Turf's Tower DLC is available to download for free today on Steam, Epic Store and GOG. No release date was announced for console.

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