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Microsoft Reveals Official Xbox One Component Details

Microsoft Reveals Official Xbox One Component Details

Published: Tuesday, August 27, 2013Tagged: Gaming, Xbox Hardware, Homebrew, Xbox One

Microsoft has unveiled the first technical details for the XBox One today at Hot Chips 25. The Xbox One supports shared coherent memory between 8 AMD Jaguar cores and it's DX 11.1+ GPU, includes 8GB DDR3 memory which peaks at 68GB/sec, 264GB/s total memory bandwidth, and a 500 GB Hard Drive.

Xbox One Specs:
  • Custom Jaguar x86-64 cores, two clusters of 4 cores
  • 68 GB/sec peak bandwidth to off-chip 8GB DDR3 memory.
  • 204 GB/s peak bandwidth to 32MB of on-die storage.
  • 47MB of cache
  • 8G DDR3 
  • 8G FLASH
  • Coherent Shared Memory
  • Memory sharing & bandwidth (HSA HUMA)
  • 264GB/s total memory bandwidth
  • GPU CONTAINS 15 co-processors
  • 500 GB HARD DRIVE ++
  • Audio offload processor 15 GFLOPS

XBox One Main SoC (System on a chip)

Xbox One SOC

XBox One System

Xbox One System Schematic

Xbox One CPU

Xbox One CPU Schematic

Xbox One GPU

Xbox One System Schematic

XBox One audio diagram

Xbox One Audio System Schematic

Keep an eye on our own official Xbox One vs. PS4 Specs page and add us to your favorites as we try to keep you all updated with the latest Xbox One information right here on XBOXONE-HQ.

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