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Rainbow Six Siege Delayed for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Rainbow Six Siege Delayed for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Published: Wednesday, August 19, 2015Tagged: Gaming, Pre-order, Xbox One

Ubisoft's team-based tactical shooter “Rainbow Six Siege” has been delayed and will now be released in all regions on December 1st.

Rainbow Six Siege Delayed To December for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

“Whether it's been through playtests in our studios, the closed alpha, or recent hands-on demos at events like E3 or Gamescom, player feedback has been essential to the development of Rainbow Six Siege,” the studio said. “Getting the game in people's hands and listening to what they have to say helps us understand how we can improve their experience, and we'd like to thank everyone who's taken part in the process so far.”  

“This wasn't an easy decision, but based on the feedback we’ve received, and based on our own internal tests, we felt there are adjustments and improvements we can make, including improving the co-op experience across all game modes, weapon and gadget balancing, as well as menu and interface navigation,” Ubisoft said. “We're taking a little more time to make these changes, and we think it's the right call.” 

The closed beta for Rainbow Six Siege will still start on September 24, 2015 as planned, and the additional time will allow further testing, infrastructure and matchmaking. Players who pre-order the game will get guaranteed access to the Closed Beta. Those pre-ordering the physical version of the game at the Uplay Shop will receive not only their guaranteed Closed Beta access, but also an exclusive numbered steel book when the game releases.

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