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Numskull Games Games

Welwyn, Garden City

Numskull Games

Launching and curating games from both new and veteran development studios as well as international games publishers, Numskull Games publishes titles across all major gaming platforms.

Some of Numskull Games' most popular games are:

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Company Details
Company Name Numskull Games
Twitter @NumskullGames
Headquarters Welwyn, Garden City

Games published by Numskull Games

Battle Axe Xbox One boxart

Battle Axe

For as long as you and your people can remember, your homeland of Mercia has been held in the tyrannical grip of “Etheldred”; a despotic sorceress in the distant icy wastelands to the north. Every seven years she sends her armies south to hand..

Platform: Xbox One

April 23, 2021

Final Vendetta Xbox One boxart

Final Vendetta

Final Vendetta is a hard-hitting action packed beat ‘em up in the vein of classic arcade titles. Featuring stunning pixel art and a thumping soundtrack with exclusive tracks from Utah Saints! Brawl with bad dudes and tough girls as you fight throug..

Platform: Xbox One

June 17, 2022

Gearshifters Xbox One boxart


Gearshifters is an arcade-action shoot-‘em-up rogue-lite. Steer, drift, spin, smash and gun through waves of enemy vehicles. Go to war against extreme-machine bosses. Build up and tune your tactical loadout of car mods, defences and weaponry for ea..

Platform: Xbox One

September 30, 2021

RICO London Xbox One boxart

RICO London

RICO London is a gang-busting, name-taking, explosive co-op shooter. Battle your way up the high-rise tower stacked with East End gangsters solo or with a partner. Crash through doors, dodge bullets and turn the weapons of the fallen into your person..

Platform: Xbox One

April 28, 2022

SuperEpic: The Entertainment War Xbox One boxart

SuperEpic: The Entertainment War

Join a racoon and a llama in their quest to save videogames as we know them! SuperEpic is a Metroidvania style action-adventure game filled with humour and satire. The gameplay is nonlinear and fast-paced, with exploration and combo-based combat the ..

Platform: Xbox One

December 11, 2019

Treasures of the Aegean Xbox One boxart

Treasures of the Aegean

Treasures of the Aegean is a time loop adventure game packed with treasure, parkour, and puzzles. Discover what happened to the Minoan civilization. What happened to the Minoan civilization? Join parkour master Marie Taylor and treasure hunter Jam..

Platform: Xbox One

November 11, 2021

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