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Destructive Creations Games

List of video games published by Destructive Creations

Destructive Creations

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Company Name Destructive Creations
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Games published by Destructive Creations

Shame Legacy Xbox One boxart

Shame Legacy

Shame Legacy is a first-person survival-horror, set in a 19th-century forsaken cultist village. You attempt to survive using stealth and escape mechanics. By solving puzzles, you figure out your connection to it all. Meanwhile, an eerie danger looms ..

Platform: Xbox One

May 30, 2023

War Mongrels Xbox One boxart

War Mongrels

War Mongrels is an isometric real-time tactics game that takes place on the eastern front of World War II. Its story-driven campaign takes inspiration in the grim events that actually took place and the real stories that arose from them. Dive into th..

Platform: Xbox One

April 25, 2023

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