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List of video games published by Silesia Games

Silesia Games

Some of Silesia Games' most popular games are:

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Company Name Silesia Games

Games published by Silesia Games

A Building Full of Cats Xbox One boxart

A Building Full of Cats

A Building Full of Cats is a hidden object game where you need to pet all the cats in the building. Don't leave any cats behind! Game Features: - 300+ cats - 5+ Floors - 50+ hidden cats - Secret cats? Who knows.....

Platform: Xbox One

May 31, 2023

A Castle Full of Cats Xbox One boxart

A Castle Full of Cats

A Castle Full of Cats is a hidden object game with a bit of a metroidvania structure: it features alternate paths, keys to be found, mysterious NPC’s… and more! Fofiño hasn’t been himself, since he found himself cursed by an evil force… H..

Platform: Xbox One

August 16, 2023

Chess Royal Xbox One boxart

Chess Royal

If you're looking for a chess game to play with your friends, you're a player looking for a decent and adjustable challenge, or you're in need of a fun, stress-free way to learn how to play chess - you've come to the right place! Main Features: -..

Platform: Xbox One

August 23, 2023

Fin and the Ancient Mystery Xbox One boxart

Fin and the Ancient Mystery

Join big-eared Fin on a journey across ten magic platform worlds to destroy six huge bosses, master magic, and save the world. You are the one with the strength to succeed! Fin must unravel the mysteries of the Clan and find hidden crystal artifac..

Platform: Xbox One

September 17, 2021

Galaxy Champions TV Xbox One boxart

Galaxy Champions TV

Galaxy Champions TV is a top-down closed arena shooter inspired by the classic arcade game Smash TV. Get powerful weapons and power-ups, kill huge amount of enemies, level up, unlock upgrades and beat all the bosses to become the champion of the m..

Platform: Xbox One

June 18, 2021

Geometric Sniper Xbox One boxart

Geometric Sniper

In lively and varied environments, designed exclusively for this game, you will not have a second chance, precision is everything! When taking the mission, pay attention to the photo and information obtained by secret agents about your target. As ..

Platform: Xbox One

November 9, 2022

Geometric Sniper - Blood in Paris Xbox One boxart

Geometric Sniper - Blood in Paris

As a sniper, you'll have to pay attention to the details and find the perfect moment to shoot. Your targets know they are wanted and will try to hide in a variety of ways. Have the patience to establish a clear shot, memorizing the information for ea..

Platform: Xbox One

February 15, 2023

HammerHelm Xbox One boxart


Banished from your homeland for believing that dwarfs can live above ground, you decide to build a new town that will attract other dwarves who share the same vision. Become a leader and keep your townspeople safe and happy by completing quests, c..

Platform: Xbox One

September 20, 2023

Hidden Cats in London Xbox One boxart

Hidden Cats in London

A short and pleasant experience in the form of a hidden object game - fill the city of London with colour as you spot all the stray cats that wander around! Try the different game modes, find special cats, and unlock bonus levels! NORMAL MODE ..

Platform: Xbox One

October 18, 2023

Island Farmer Xbox One boxart

Island Farmer

Farms are set up in islands over calm and clear water. In this tiny fantasy experience, that is easy to do and very relaxing, just like a 3D jigsaw puzzle. Carefully observe the island, try to memorize it, then shuffle the blocks. Swap blocks to repr..

Platform: Xbox One

March 21, 2023

Strike Team Gladius Xbox One boxart

Strike Team Gladius

Enlist your strike team and drop planet-side into an intense, sci-fi warzone. Make tactical decisions and employ ruthless strategies to achieve each mission objective. Choose your team from 22 unique classes ranging from lethal snipers to brutal m..

Platform: Xbox One

July 12, 2023

The Awakening of Mummies Xbox One boxart

The Awakening of Mummies

The Mummies are trapped inside the Pyramid where the evil Pharaoh Cleo has imprisoned them. Use your puzzle-solving skills to guide all the Mummies through the various chambers, but watch out for traps! Control the group of Mummies together as you..

Platform: Xbox One

November 16, 2022

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