Sylvio Achievements

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There are 19 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Skilled Analyzer Skilled Analyzer 0 Find 30 hidden messages through analyzing the tapes. 50
Skilled Listener Skilled Listener 0 Find 20 words in the static. 50
Sheet Collector Sheet Collector 0 Find all shredded pieces of piano sheets. 200
Learning Analyzer Learning Analyzer 0 Find 5 hidden messages through analyzing the tapes. 25
Learning Listener Learning Listener 0 Find 5 words in the static. 25
Bobby's Reels Bobby's Reels 0 Find all 10 of Bobby's reels. 50
Master Listener Master Listener 0 Find 80 words in the static. 125
Master Analyzer Master Analyzer 0 Find 116 messages through analyzing the tapes. 125
Expert Analyzer Expert Analyzer 0 Find 60 Hidden messages through analyzing tapes. 75
Expert Listener Expert Listener 0 Find 50 words in the static. 75
Skeleton Keys Skeleton Keys 0 Collect all hotel keys from the corpses on the drifting parade balloons. 40

Secret Achievements

Entertainer Entertainer 0 Entertainment system in the restaurant still seems to function. 20
Dr. Venkman Dr. Venkman 0 Played the piano in the auditorium. 20
Kristoph's Hidden Code Kristoph's Hidden Code 0 You blinked Kristoph's hidden code on the signal lamp. 20
Scared Sibling's Secret Code Scared Sibling's Secret Code 0 You blinked a sibling's hidden code on the signal lamp. 20
Start The Pumps Start The Pumps 0 You blinked a hidden code on the signal lamp, and the pumps started. 20
Shot the Crow Shot the Crow 0 You shot the crow on the top of the ride. 20
In the Hole In the Hole 0 No description. 20
The Museum The Museum 0 You found the museum. 20