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Call of Cthulhu Achievements

Find all the Call of Cthulhu achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 49 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Detective Edward Pierce Detective Edward Pierce 0 Reach the level of Expert in a skill 15
John Raymond Legrasse John Raymond Legrasse 0 Find 20 hidden items 30
Jack of all trades Jack of all trades 0 Inspect 50 items 15
Ex Oblivione Ex Oblivione 0 Fail a skill test 15
The most trivial object The most trivial object 0 Discover all the small blue bottles 30
Detective historian Detective historian 0 Piece together Margaret Wyckwood's memoirs 30
The Shadow Out of Time The Shadow Out of Time 0 Discover all the murals of the disappeared tribe 15
Strange secrets Strange secrets 0 Find occult items 15
More sober than Zadok Allen More sober than Zadok Allen 0 Never drink 15
Beyond reality Beyond reality 0 Accept to read an unholy book 15
Complete revelation Complete revelation 0 Read all the books of unholy knowledge 30
The Sarah Hawkins case The Sarah Hawkins case 0 Accept the Sarah Hawkins case 15
The delusional investigator The delusional investigator 0 Be the plaything of an hallucination 30
The Strange High House The Strange High House 0 Get driven to the Hawkins Mansion 15
The Terrible Old Man The Terrible Old Man 0 Convince the caretaker to help you 15
Memory Memory 0 Explore the memories of the Hawkins family 15
The Secret Cave The Secret Cave 0 Discover the mansion’s secret passage 15
A brilliant mind A brilliant mind 0 Use the globe to open the secret passage 30
The pit of horror The pit of horror 0 Fall into the sacrificial pit 15
The Temple The Temple 0 Take part in the ritual in the caves 15
Sandman Sandman 0 Make a deal with a crazed inmate 15
Shared guilt Shared guilt 0 Push Irene Sanders to the limit 15
From Beyond From Beyond 0 Banish the Dimensional Shambler 15
The Thing on the Doorstep The Thing on the Doorstep 0 Banish the Dimensional Shambler using only one dagger 30
Scholar of the unspeakable Scholar of the unspeakable 0 Meet Algernon Drake and accept his help 15
The Book The Book 0 Read the Necronomicon 15
The White Ship The White Ship 0 Learn the secret of the Scylla 15
The amulet of the Ancients The amulet of the Ancients 0 Lay your hands on Algernon Drake's treasure 15
The dreamlike investigation The dreamlike investigation 0 Accept the revelations 15
No prohibition for Darkwater No prohibition for Darkwater 0 Deliver liquor to the sailors 15
The Outsider The Outsider 0 Banish the creature for good 15
Companion in arms Companion in arms 0 Save Drake's life during the fight with the creature 30
Attack the docks Attack the docks 0 Escape your fallen territory 15
The Good Samaritan The Good Samaritan 0 Save Mitchell 15
The Rats in the Walls The Rats in the Walls 0 Make the suspects talk by using a heavy hand 15
Hippocratic Oath Hippocratic Oath 0 Heal all the patients 15
Voyage into history Voyage into history 0 Open the sailor's chest in the whaling station 30
Fluent in R’lyehian Fluent in R’lyehian 0 Choose all the replies in R’lyehian 30

Secret Achievements

The Abomination of Darkwater The Abomination of Darkwater 0 Kill 5 inhabitants who are being controlled 30
The aficionado of horror The aficionado of horror 0 Meet Francis Sanders 15
Caught in the trap Caught in the trap 0 Fall into Fuller's trap 15
The curse of Sarah The curse of Sarah 0 Find Sarah Hawkins 15
In the footsteps of Daniel Upton In the footsteps of Daniel Upton 0 Kill or spare Bradley 15
The voice beyond the grave The voice beyond the grave 0 Chat with a vision 15
The Beast in the Cave The Beast in the Cave 0 Enter the beast’s den 15
Nameless Cults Nameless Cults 0 Refuse to take part in the ritual 40
Farewell Farewell 0 Refuse the ritual 40
Fight destiny Fight destiny 0 Successfully carry out the counter ritual 40
The Call of Cthulhu The Call of Cthulhu 0 Invoke Cthulhu! 40