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Plutobi: The Dwarf Planet Tales Achievements

Find all the Plutobi: The Dwarf Planet Tales achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Tiny Planet Tiny Planet 0 It's the closest planet to the Sun and also the smallest planet in the Solar System. 10
Not Quicksilver Not Quicksilver 0 This is only a tutorial but it's not that easy, right? 20
Red Planet Red Planet 0 It is well-known for its color. 10
Likelihood of Lifeform Likelihood of Lifeform 0 It is most similar to Earth, but cannot support lifeform. 20
Shepherd's Star Shepherd's Star 0 Although not a star, Venus was a good guide for the shepherds. 10
Greenhouse Effect Greenhouse Effect 0 Its atmosphere is extremely fierce. Greenhouse effect causes it. 30
Cradle of Lifeform Cradle of Lifeform 0 The only and unique planet for lifeform in the Solar System. 10
Debris Yard Debris Yard 0 Well, Earth has the most number of space debris. Stop littering. 40
No Sea on Surface No Sea on Surface 0 It was named after the god of sea, but has no sea actually. 10
Frozen Frozen 0 If planets were this far from the Sun, no planet would be hot. 50
Ice Giant Ice Giant 0 There are two known ice giants in the Solar System, Uranus and Neptune. 10
Lie Down Lie Down 0 It has an axial tilt of 97.77'. 50
Ring a Ring Ring a Ring 0 It is famous for the ring, even though it is not the only planet to have a ring. 10
Not a Console Not a Console 0 Sometimes I miss that console. 50
King of all the Planets. King of all the Planets. 0 This is the largest planet in the Solar System. 10
Slightly Larger Slightly Larger 0 If Jupiter was slightly larger, it could have been a star. 50
I'm on Fire. I'm on Fire. 0 It's the only burning celestial body in the Solar System. 10
I'm Heavy! I'm Heavy! 0 It has 99.8% of the mass in the Solar System. 50
Star under the Ground Star under the Ground 0 How nice would it be to have any gemstone from the list. 10
Twinkle Twinkle Little GEM! Twinkle Twinkle Little GEM! 0 What similarities are there with the stars? 50
Tremendous Treasures Tremendous Treasures 0 Wow, you have collected so many gemstones. 100
I'm Invincible! I'm Invincible! 0 I am willing to bet that you cheated! 100
Beginner Astronomer Beginner Astronomer 0 Hey that's just the beginning! 10
Skilled Astronomer Skilled Astronomer 0 Not a small number, but still that's not enough. 50
Expert Astronomer Expert Astronomer 0 Do you know how many celestial bodies there are in the Solar System? 50
Trickster! Trickster! 0 Quite busy hitting the buttons, huh? 50
Nothing Special Nothing Special 0 This is nothing special. 10
Dinosaur Extinction Dinosaur Extinction 0 It is still a theory, there is reasonable evidence that the dinosaurs were extincted by asteroids. 10
Tank! Tank! 0 Hey tough guy! 10
Master of the Solar system Master of the Solar system 0 If you achieve this, you are good enough to try another game. 100