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Goliath Achievements

Full list of Goliath achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Goliath has 41 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Woodworker Woodworker 0 Build your first Wooden Goliath 10
Rock Your World Rock Your World 0 Build your first Stone Goliath 10
Full Metal Threat Full Metal Threat 0 Build your first Metal Goliath 10
Let's Get Metaphysical Let's Get Metaphysical 0 Build your first Crystal Goliath 10
Goliath Army Goliath Army 0 Unlock all unique Goliaths 55
EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! 0 Kill 500 enemies 25
For a Rainy Day For a Rainy Day 0 Get 5000 gold 10
Ferdinand Magellan Ferdinand Magellan 0 Visit all shards in the game 45
Good Samaritan Good Samaritan 0 Complete 10 side quests 20
Tonight We are Young Tonight We are Young 0 Reach level 20 15
Forty is the New Twenty Forty is the New Twenty 0 Reach level 40 25
Rock it! Rock it! 0 Kill 50 enemies with Wooden Goliath catapult 20
Ram it Down Ram it Down 0 Kill 50 enemies with Stone Goliath ram 20
Rockets Man Rockets Man 0 Kill 50 enemies with Metal Goliath rockets 20
Lightnin' Up Lightnin' Up 0 Kill 50 enemies with Crystal Goliath lightning storm 20
Don't Curse! Don't Curse! 0 Defeat the Cursed Monster 20
Money Isn't Everything Money Isn't Everything 0 Defeat the Great Treasure Hunter 25
Storm the Castle Storm the Castle 0 Defeat the Castle 35
PREPARE YOUR BRAIN PREPARE YOUR BRAIN 0 Defeat the Guard of the Citadel 40
If You Gaze Long into the Void... If You Gaze Long into the Void... 0 Defeat the Final Boss 50
Lawful Good Lawful Good 0 Get Sheriff Willy to the base 15
ARRGH! ARRGH! 0 Get Drogkh to the base 20
Even More Metal Than You Even More Metal Than You 0 Get T1NK3R3R to the base 15
Lady Buccaneer Lady Buccaneer 0 Get Baroness Victoria to the base 35
Fortune and Glory, Kid Fortune and Glory, Kid 0 Get Thomas F. Melton to the base 15
No Pain No Gain No Pain No Gain 0 Break 50 Goliaths 40
#Fabulous #Fabulous 0 Equip Goliath with two fabulous weapons at the same time 20
Shopaholic Shopaholic 0 Spend 10.000 gold in shops 45
Man with No Name Man with No Name 0 Kill 50 enemies with the revolver 30
Playing Nice Playing Nice 0 Get 100% reputation for all three factions 25
Stranger in a Strange Land Stranger in a Strange Land 0 Complete the tutorial 15
Lost in Translation Lost in Translation 0 Learn Trollese, Gnarkish and Golemian 15
What Does the Fox Say? What Does the Fox Say? 0 Meet the Forest Brotherhood 10
Pay the Iron Price Pay the Iron Price 0 Meet the Forgers 10
I Want to Believe I Want to Believe 0 Meet the Created 10
Just Married Just Married 0 Successfully perform the ceremony of Pygmy's marriage 15
The Final Frontier The Final Frontier 0 Find the Citadel 55
Heroes on Demand Heroes on Demand 0 Became a member of Order 25
Good fellas Good fellas 0 Re-educate the gang of youth thugs 25
Gravity fell Gravity fell 0 Complete all quests in the House of Miracles 25
Dead Man's Chests Dead Man's Chests 0 Find 15 treasures 50