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Laser League Achievements

Full list of Laser League achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Laser League has 24 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Real Laser Lord The Real Laser Lord 0 Unlocked all other Achievements 150
Decorated Champion Decorated Champion 0 Reached Prestige rank 01 100
Seasoned Pro Seasoned Pro 0 Reached Level 20 50
Up-and-coming Up-and-coming 0 Reached Level 10 30
Making Waves Making Waves 0 Levelled-up for the first time 10
First Class First Class 0 Reached Mastery rank 5 as any Class 100
All-Rounder All-Rounder 0 Reached Mastery rank 2 with all base game Classes 50
Leading the Field Leading the Field 0 Finished a match as MVP 10 times (Online Play) 60
Team Carrier Team Carrier 0 Finished a match with the highest Revive streak 5 times (Online Play) 50
Team Wrecker Team Wrecker 0 Finished a match with the highest Elimination streak 5 times (Online Play) 50
Major Leaguer Major Leaguer 0 Won 50 matches (Online Play) 60
Clean Up Crew Clean Up Crew 0 Won a match without the opposing team scoring a point (Online Play) 20
The First Step The First Step 0 Won a match (Online Play) 10
Lamplighter Lamplighter 0 Activated 5000 Laser nodes (Online Play) 30
Ruthless Ruthless 0 Eliminated 1000 opponents (Online Play) 30
Team Player Team Player 0 Revived 500 teammates (Online Play) 40
Coach Palmer's Pride Coach Palmer's Pride 0 Completed the Tutorial 10
2-4-1 2-4-1 0 Eliminated 2 opponents with a single expanding Laser (Online Play) 20
Smash Smash 0 Hit 3 or more opponents in a single Smash ability use (Online Play) 25
Ghost Ghost 0 Traversed 4 or more opposing Lasers in a single Ghost ability use (Online Play) 15
Thief Thief 0 Stole 4 or more Laser nodes in a single Thief ability use (Online Play) 15
Snipe Snipe 0 Telesliced 2 or more opponents in a single Snipe ability use (Online Play) 25
Shock Shock 0 Shocked 3 or more opponents in a single Shock ability use (Online Play) 20
Blade Blade 0 Slice 2 or more opponents in a single Blade ability use (Online Play) 30