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The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor Achievements

Find all the The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 32 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Arena Attemptor Arena Attemptor 0 Conquer one challenge in the school arena. 10
Arena Arrestor Arena Arrestor 0 Make five arena challenges your chump. 10
Arena Apocalypse Arena Apocalypse 0 Defeat every arena challenge. 60
Hail, the new Overlord Hail, the new Overlord 0 Defeat every arena challenge on hard. 60
The Sidequest Shimmy The Sidequest Shimmy 0 Succeed in your first story sidequest. 10
Optional Adventurer Optional Adventurer 0 Succeed in beating five sidequests. 25
Freetime Frivolitor Freetime Frivolitor 0 Succeed in every single sidequest. 25
Hark! Songs ho! Hark! Songs ho! 0 Unlock your first bonus song. 10
Dancing Fool Dancing Fool 0 Survive your first 10 songs in Story Mode. 10
Dancing Maniac Dancing Maniac 0 Survive every song in Story Mode. 25
Dancing Psychopath Dancing Psychopath 0 Survive every song in Story Mode on Hard. 80
Part-Time Contractor Part-Time Contractor 0 Perform your first upgrade to the school. 25
Scientific Inquirer Scientific Inquirer 0 Unlock Sara's laboratory. 25
Ruby (Crusted) Weapons Ruby (Crusted) Weapons 0 Purchase every ultimate weapon. 60
We're Going Streaking! We're Going Streaking! 0 Attain a 100 note streak. 10
The Phantom Streaker The Phantom Streaker 0 Attain a 300 note streak. 25
Pacifist Pacifist 0 Survive a story song without killing an enemy. 25
Reckless Warrior Reckless Warrior 0 Survive a story song without healing any party member. 25
Phenomenal Cosmic Powers Phenomenal Cosmic Powers 0 Apply six buffs to one hero at the same time. 25
Protector and Destroyer Protector and Destroyer 0 Deal at least 7000 hp damage in one strike as Gwen. 25
Victorious Virtuoso Victorious Virtuoso 0 Perform a perfect Solo-Lane Team Attack. 25
Comeback Kid Comeback Kid 0 Perform a perfect meteor attack counter. 25
One Punch Team One Punch Team 0 Kill five enemies in a row using just a single attack on each. 25
Debuff Braver Debuff Braver 0 Survive ten songs in Endless Mode in one run. 25
Endless Explorer Endless Explorer 0 Survive thirty songs in Endless Mode in one run. 65

Secret Achievements

Forest Phenomenon Forest Phenomenon 0 Destroy the Speyeder of the Wild Forest. 25
Castle Criznashor Castle Criznashor 0 Dethrone the Wraith King in the Haunted Kingdom. 25
Mt. Rage Ravager Mt. Rage Ravager 0 End the dancing of a great Candy Dragon. 25
Shipside Shanker Shipside Shanker 0 Decompile a fearsome Dance-o-bot. 25
Downright Mooninite Downright Mooninite 0 Save the world of Koras from Dancemageddon. 60
Alien Assassin Alien Assassin 0 Beat the final challenge's omega boss. 25
No Pee Breaks No Pee Breaks 0 Beat a fifty song playlist without ever pausing. 80