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de Blob Achievements

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There are 23 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Last Resort's savior Last Resort's savior 0 Save Last Resort from INKT Corporation. 10
Uptown's savior Uptown's savior 0 Save Uptown from INKT Corporation 10
Downtown's savior Downtown's savior 0 Save Downtown from INKT Corporation. 10
The Chroma Dam's savior The Chroma Dam's savior 0 Save the Chroma Dam from INKT Corporation. 10
Guggentraz Island's savior Guggentraz Island's savior 0 Save Guggentraz Island from INKT Corporation. 10
The Docklands' savior The Docklands' savior 0 Save the Docklands from INKT Corporation. 10
Hanging Gardens' savior Hanging Gardens' savior 0 Save Hanging Gardens from INKT Corporation. 10
Chroma City Fun Park's savior Chroma City Fun Park's savior 0 Save Chroma City Fun Park from INKT Corporation. 10
Ministry of Ink's savior Ministry of Ink's savior 0 Save Ministry of Ink from INKT Corporation. 10
World savior World savior 0 Defeat INKT Corporation. 10
Gold seeker Gold seeker 0 Get all gold medals in story mode. 40
Olympic Games Olympic Games 0 Earn 30 gold medals. 40
Da Vinci Da Vinci 0 Paint everything... e-ve-ry-thing! 70
Rocky Rocky 0 Defeat'em all. 70
Chronos Chronos 0 Run to defeat the time. 70
Prada Prada 0 What a style! 70
Edward Scissorhands Edward Scissorhands 0 Decorate all trees. 70
Shaken, not stirred Shaken, not stirred 0 Shake! Shake! Shake! 70
Cinema Usher Cinema Usher 0 Prepare the billboard. 70
Transformers Transformers 0 Optimus paint engine. 70
Braveheart Braveheart 0 They may take away our colour, but they'll never take our freedom! 70
Icarus Icarus 0 To blimp and beyond! 70
King Blob King Blob 0 Master De Blob in all possible ways 120