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Titan Quest Achievements

Full list of Titan Quest achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Titan Quest has 39 achievements worth 1400 gamerscore

Hero Hero 0 Complete the game in Normal mode 40
Epic Hero Epic Hero 0 Complete the game in Epic mode 80
Legendary Hero Legendary Hero 0 Complete the game in Legendary mode 80
God God 0 Reach the level 65 80
Apprentice Apprentice 0 Unlock the first mastery 20
Double Apprentice Double Apprentice 0 Unlock the second mastery 20
Hydra Killer Hydra Killer 0 Defeat the Lernean Hydra (Legendary mode only!) 40
Manticore Killer Manticore Killer 0 Defeat the Manticore (Legendary mode only!) 80
Dragon Liche Killer Dragon Liche Killer 0 Defeat the Dragon Liche (Legandary mode only!) 80
Talos Killer Talos Killer 0 Defeat Talos (Legendary mode only!) 80
Multi Kill Multi Kill 0 Kill 10 monsters 10
Ultra Kill Ultra Kill 0 Kill 100 monsters 20
Monster Kill Monster Kill 0 Kill 1000 monsters 20
Master Master 0 Unlock a mastery completely 80
Greece Savior Greece Savior 0 Defeat the first Telkine 40
Egypt Savior Egypt Savior 0 Defeat the second Telkine 40
Orient Savior Orient Savior 0 Defeat the third Telkine 40
God Savior God Savior 0 Defeat the Titan 40
Rich like a merchant Rich like a merchant 0 Reach 10,000 gold 10
Rich like Midas Rich like Midas 0 Reach 100,000 gold 20
Rich like Cresus Rich like Cresus 0 Reach 1,000,000 gold 20
Greek Adventurer Greek Adventurer 0 Finish all the side quests in Greece 20
Egypt Adventurer Egypt Adventurer 0 Finish all the side quests in Egypt 20
Orient Adventurer Orient Adventurer 0 Finish all the side quests in Orient 20

Titan Quest - Ragnarök

There are 7 achievements with a total of 200 points.

New lands New lands 0 Journey north of the Alps 25
The one she forgot The one she forgot 0 Acquire the mistletoe 25
What lies below What lies below 0 Open the ancient gate 25
Mission Accomplished Mission Accomplished 0 Find new friends 30
Delayed until further notice Delayed until further notice 0 Finish the Ragnarok storyline 35
Precision Dvergan Engineering Precision Dvergan Engineering 0 Improve a legendary item 30
Altoholic Altoholic 0 Have ten different class characters of at least level ten 30

Titan Quest - Atlantis

There are 8 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Dear diary... Dear diary... 0 Defeat King Arganthonios 20
Clawsome! Clawsome! 0 Defeat The Ancient One 20
Weedkiller Weedkiller 0 Defeat Ladon 25
Marduked Marduked 0 Defeat Tiamat 25
Beginner's Luck Beginner's Luck 0 Defeat Tartarus on Normal difficulty 20
Double or Nothing Double or Nothing 0 Defeat Tartarus on Epic difficulty 25
High Roller High Roller 0 Defeat Tartarus on Legendary difficulty 30