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The Story Goes On Achievements

Find all the The Story Goes On achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 29 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Novice Collector Novice Collector 0 Found 25% of items! 25
Borderline Shopaholic Borderline Shopaholic 0 Found 50% of items! 25
Have a Cookie! Have a Cookie! 0 Started a run! 5
That was a Big Spider That was a Big Spider 0 Obtained the Forest Page 50
Wild Ride Wild Ride 0 Obtained the Snow Page 50
The Eye of the Beholder The Eye of the Beholder 0 Obtained the Spooky Page 75
Good Idea! Good Idea! 0 Obtained the Desert Page 75
Dirty Little Hacker Dirty Little Hacker 0 Hacked and slashed 1000 enemies! 25
That Put a Spin on Things That Put a Spin on Things 0 Obtained the Dark Forest Page 75
Certified Hoarder Certified Hoarder 0 Found 75% of items! 25
Sandwich Slayer Sandwich Slayer 0 Unlocked Sprout 50
Void Slayer Void Slayer 0 Unlocked Gambit 50
Demon Slayer Demon Slayer 0 Unlocked Foster 50
Addict Addict 0 I'll tell YOU when I've had enough! 15
Really? How much help do you need? Really? How much help do you need? 0 The controls aren't that hard... 10
"X" Marks the Spot! "X" Marks the Spot! 0 Unlocked your first boss room! 10
It's Dangerous to Go Alone It's Dangerous to Go Alone 0 Obtained a sword upgrade in a hidden cave 10
Little Banker Little Banker 0 $ Dolla Dolla Bill $ 20
The Story Goes On... The Story Goes On... 0 ...even though you've died 20 times... 15
Heart of the Cards Heart of the Cards 0 Spun the wildcard 40 times 15
Lord Pecrtron Lord Pecrtron 0 I've accepted my savior 25
Spare the Witch! Spare the Witch! 0 Didn't kill the Witch Boss when she turned into a snake 15
Ghost Tamer Ghost Tamer 0 Whipped 10 ghosts as Foster 20
You Must be Dreaming! You Must be Dreaming! 0 Clear either the Dark Forest or the Void without taking damage 50
gotta go fast! gotta go fast! 0 have you ever wen't fest? 20
The Lord of Booty The Lord of Booty 0 Found all items! 50
Be Scared Be Scared 0 Obtained the Final Page 100
A True Warrior A True Warrior 0 Completed an entire floor as Gambit using only his special ability 20
Not Broken, Just Bent Not Broken, Just Bent 0 Barely made it... 25