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Hand of the Gods: Smite Tactics Achievements

Find all the Hand of the Gods: Smite Tactics achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 43 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Massacre Novice Massacre Novice 0 Kill 10 units (excludes Training Mode) 10
Overwhelming Force Overwhelming Force 0 Win a game by turn 5 (excludes Training Mode) 10
Paper Cut Paper Cut 0 Open 50 card packs 10
Domination Novice Domination Novice 0 Win 10 matches (excludes Training Mode) 10
Domination Intermediate Domination Intermediate 0 Win 50 matches (excludes Training Mode) 20
Domination Adept Domination Adept 0 Win 100 matches (excludes Training Mode) 30
Domination Master Domination Master 0 Win 200 matches (excludes Training Mode) 40
Apotheosis Novice Apotheosis Novice 0 Play 10 matches (excludes Training Mode) 10
Apotheosis Intermediate Apotheosis Intermediate 0 Play 50 matches (excludes Training Mode) 20
Apotheosis Adept Apotheosis Adept 0 Play 100 matches (excludes Training Mode) 30
Apotheosis Master Apotheosis Master 0 Play 200 matches (excludes Training Mode) 40
All that Glitters Novice All that Glitters Novice 0 Open 10 gold card packs 10
All that Glitters Intermediate All that Glitters Intermediate 0 Open 50 gold card packs 20
All that Glitters Adept All that Glitters Adept 0 Open 100 gold card packs 30
All that Glitters Master All that Glitters Master 0 Open 200 gold card packs 40
Olympian Olympian 0 Win 50 matches with Zeus (excludes Training Mode) 20
For Valhalla For Valhalla 0 Win 50 matches with Odin (excludes Training Mode) 20
Praise the Sun Praise the Sun 0 Win 50 matches with Ra (excludes Training Mode) 20
Guardian of the Heavens Guardian of the Heavens 0 Win 50 matches with Nu Wa (excludes Training Mode) 20
Roma Invicta Roma Invicta 0 Win 50 matches with Bellona (excludes Training Mode) 20
Death Touch Death Touch 0 Win 50 games with Ah Puch (excludes Training Mode) 20
Escaped the Cycle Escaped the Cycle 0 Win 50 games with Ganesha (excludes Training Mode) 20
Massacre Intermediate Massacre Intermediate 0 Kill 50 units (excludes Training Mode) 20
Massacre Adept Massacre Adept 0 Kill 100 units (excludes Training Mode) 30
Massacre Master Massacre Master 0 Kill 200 units (excludes Training Mode) 40
Arcane Magnificence Novice Arcane Magnificence Novice 0 Play 10 Spell cards (excludes Training Mode) 10
Arcane Magnificence Intermediate Arcane Magnificence Intermediate 0 Play 50 Spell cards (excludes Training Mode) 20
Arcane Magnificence Adept Arcane Magnificence Adept 0 Play 100 Spell cards (excludes Training Mode) 30
Arcane Magnificence Master Arcane Magnificence Master 0 Play 200 Spell cards (excludes Training Mode) 40
Divine Spawner Novice Divine Spawner Novice 0 Spawn or deploy 10 God cards (excludes Training Mode) 10
Divine Spawner Intermediate Divine Spawner Intermediate 0 Spawn or deploy 50 God cards (excludes Training Mode) 20
Divine Spawner Adept Divine Spawner Adept 0 Spawn or deploy 100 God cards (excludes Training Mode) 30
Divine Spawner Master Divine Spawner Master 0 Spawn or deploy 200 God cards (excludes Training Mode) 40
Run the Gauntlet Run the Gauntlet 0 Play 50 Gauntlet matches 20
Unbreakable Unbreakable 0 Win a game with your Summoning Stone at 25 or more health (excludes Training Mode) 30
Leave No Survivors Leave No Survivors 0 Win with no opponent units remaining on the battlefield (excludes Training Mode) 20
Stone Breaker Stone Breaker 0 Deal 1000 damage to Summoning Stones (excludes Training Mode) 20
Uncontrolled Power Uncontrolled Power 0 Deal 50 damage in a single match (excludes Training Mode) 20
The Hunter The Hunter 0 Kill 100 Beasts (excludes Training Mode) 20
Pick a Card, Any Card Pick a Card, Any Card 0 Discover 50 cards (excludes Training Mode) 20
Bank Hiest Bank Hiest 0 Acquire a gold card in your hand that is owned by your opponent (excludes Training Mode) 40
Grand Champion Grand Champion 0 Retire an arena run with 12 wins and 0 losses 30
The Long Journey The Long Journey 0 Complete 25 quests 20