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Milanoir Achievements

Full list of Milanoir achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Milanoir has 34 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Altar in blood Altar in blood 0 Kill Torinese in the Duomo 25
Come get some Come get some 0 Complete the game in hard mode 50
Damn I'm good Damn I'm good 0 Complete the game in hardcore mode 100
DDragon DDragon 0 Play with a friend 10
Dirty Harry Dirty Harry 0 X4 combo with revolver 20
Don't stop Don't stop 0 X9 combo with continuous ricochet 20
Don't touch me, lady! Don't touch me, lady! 0 Complete level 1 without dying 20
Dr. Gruber's foot care Dr. Gruber's foot care 0 Destroy 400 windows in Pirellone 25
Flying africana Flying africana 0 Kill Africana on the Pirellone 25
For whom the bell tolls For whom the bell tolls 0 Complete level 7 without dying 30
Hotline Milan Hotline Milan 0 Complete level 6 without dying 30
Killer Killer 0 Kill 1000 enemies with any weapon 50
King of Navigli King of Navigli 0 Score 100.000 or more in Arena mode 75
Maximus Decimus Meridius Maximus Decimus Meridius 0 Score 10.000 or more in Arena mode 25
One for the road One for the road 0 Kill 25 enemies using the single ricochet 10
Paci populorum sospitae Paci populorum sospitae 0 Kill Scarred Ciro at Porta Ticinese 25
Piece of cake Piece of cake 0 Complete the game in normal mode 25
Piero come home Piero come home 0 Complete level 4 without dying 20
Please stop Please stop 0 Kill 100 enemies with continuous ricochet 25
Prince of Bovisa Prince of Bovisa 0 Score 50.000 or more in Arena mode 50
Samurai Samurai 0 Kill 100 enemies with knife 25
Save a prayer Save a prayer 0 Complete level 5 without dying 25
Sentenza Sentenza 0 Kill six enemies in rapid succession using a revolver 25
Spritz for all Spritz for all 0 Complete level 3 without dying 20
SSnake SSnake 0 Kill 25 enemies with a stealth attack 25
Streetcar on time Streetcar on time 0 Complete level 2 without dying 20
Two birds with one stone Two birds with one stone 0 Score a total of 50 X2 multipliers using a split ricochet hit 25
Unabomber Unabomber 0 X3 combo with molotov/grenade 20
X2 X2 0 X2 combo with any weapon 10
Years of lead Years of lead 0 Kill Shining Giacomo in San Vittore penitentiary 25

Secret Achievements

'5PM '5PM 0 Last humiliation for Ciro 10
Rest in peace Rest in peace 0 Shot three times at the WC door 10
The bastard The bastard 0 Shoot Tony 50
The traitor The traitor 0 Shoot Lanzetta 50