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Battletoads Achievements

Full list of Battletoads achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Battletoads has 61 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Toads in a Hole Toads in a Hole 0 Escaped from the simulation bunker. 10
Road Rash Road Rash 0 Went in search of the evil Dark Queen. 10
Parks & Recreational Violence Parks & Recreational Violence 0 Battled through a creepy amusement park. 10
Enough Toying Around Enough Toying Around 0 Discovered the Queen's Secret Lair. 10
Should Get the Pants First Should Get the Pants First 0 Reunited with an old frenemy. 30
Came, Sawed, Conquered Came, Sawed, Conquered 0 Showed the Lumberjacks who's boss. 15
Logged Out Logged Out 0 Recovered the first Medallion of Respect. 15
A Test of Medal A Test of Medal 0 Recovered the second Medallion of Respect. 15
Jeff of a Sleighsman Jeff of a Sleighsman 0 Escaped from Jercury Nine. 30
We Were Provoked We Were Provoked 0 Successfully trialed the ship's weapons. 15
Learning the Ropes Learning the Ropes 0 Took the first steps on a mountain hike. 15
STREET JUSTICE! STREET JUSTICE! 0 Taught some litterbugs a lesson. 15
Hiking With Friends Hiking With Friends 0 Continued towards the mountain summit. 15
Galaxy's Most Wanted Galaxy's Most Wanted 0 Had a run-in with the authorities. 15
A Mountain Sense of Unease A Mountain Sense of Unease 0 Reached the peak of the mountain. 15
With Friends Like These… With Friends Like These… 0 Had a falling-out with your friends. 20
Rebooting Battletoads Rebooting Battletoads 0 Repaired the ship in the nick of time. 40
Into the Third Dimension Into the Third Dimension 0 Used your tongue to reach the background. 5
B-B-B-BLOCK BREAKER!! B-B-B-BLOCK BREAKER!! 0 Smashed through 50 enemy block attempts. 15
You're Dead, You Ding-Dongs! You're Dead, You Ding-Dongs! 0 You agreed to be the Topians' puppets. 20
Season Two When? Season Two When? 0 You completed the story! Nice. 20
Battlemaniacs Battlemaniacs 0 Defeated 100 enemies. 20
Special Effects Special Effects 0 Used 200 Toad Abilities. 20
Mighty Morphing Mighty Morphing 0 Finished off 200 enemies with morph attacks. 20
Thoroughly Tested Thoroughly Tested 0 Destroyed 50 enemies in space combat. 20
It Begins… It Begins… 0 Got your first collectable. 5
Scratching an Itch Scratching an Itch 0 Got all collectables in a level. 10
Making Progress Making Progress 0 Got a total of 25 collectables. 15
I've Started So I'll Finish I've Started So I'll Finish 0 Got a total of 75 collectables. 30
Did You Use a Walkthrough? Did You Use a Walkthrough? 0 Got every collectable in the game! 60
Three is the Magic Number Three is the Magic Number 0 All the Toads attacked the same enemy in 3P Co-Op. 10
Reviving a Classic Reviving a Classic 0 Revived another player during Co-Op play. 10
Not all Toads are Equal Not all Toads are Equal 0 You earned a multiplayer participation award. 10
Jeffortless Jeffortless 0 In 3P Co-Op, all Toads did a rail grind at once. 10
Hack-Door Shenanigans Hack-Door Shenanigans 0 Hacked a door as a team in Co-Op. 10
Live and Let Drive Live and Let Drive 0 In 3P Co-Op, all Toads were on bikes together for 300 seconds. 20
Can't Touch This Can't Touch This 0 In Co-Op completed Time For Plan B without taking a hit. 20
To Me, To You To Me, To You 0 Built up a 100-hit combo in Co-Op. 20
Toad Cuddle! Toad Cuddle! 0 Finished the game on 'Battletoads' difficulty. 30
Brawling… With Style! Brawling… With Style! 0 Earned your first 'S' Rank from an encounter. 15
Straight-A Student Straight-A Student 0 Earned 20 'A' Ranks from encounters. 15
Dodgebrawl Champion Dodgebrawl Champion 0 Finished a fight without taking damage. 5
Hey, This is a Rental! Hey, This is a Rental! 0 Scored 75 near-misses while riding a rented Turbo bike. 15
Photobombed Photobombed 0 Took an enemy's photo when it's in warning distance. 15
Be Tight Be Tight 0 Defeated the Jasonians without any restarts. 20
Take This, Axeman! Take This, Axeman! 0 Used spit to keep Axeley's weapon stuck in the ground. 5
Toad it Off & On Again Toad it Off & On Again 0 Repaired the ship without any reboots. 10
The Purge The Purge 0 Escaped the Topian's stomach in less than 4 minutes. 20
Warped Sense of Humor Warped Sense of Humor 0 Hit the fake 'Warp Wall' during Nightmare Rider. 10
Dealt a Lucky Hand Dealt a Lucky Hand 0 Got a flawless victory in Toadshambo. 5
Not Just for the Holidays Not Just for the Holidays 0 Landed a streak of 15 hits destroying a totem. 15
The Dlala Code The Dlala Code 0 Entered the Dlala Code during the credits. 5
Blink and You'll Miss It Blink and You'll Miss It 0 Defeated 25 pink eyeballs during 'Time For Plan B'. 10
Hit The Drop Hit The Drop 0 Freefell more than 10 metres while escaping the enema. 10
Extra Credit Extra Credit 0 Watched the credits. 5
Mementoads Mementoads 0 Took a picture with Axeley's standee. 5

Secret Achievements

The Enema of My Enemy The Enema of My Enemy 0 Escaped from Topian Captivity. Ew. 15
Drawn Together, Tornado Apart Drawn Together, Tornado Apart 0 Battled with the revitalised Dark Queen. 15
Re-Cycled Re-Cycled 0 Escaped from a Topian nightmare. 25
Never Did Get That Sandwich Never Did Get That Sandwich 0 Put an end to the tyranny of the Topians. 50
Pacifist Pacifist 0 Survived the first space battle for 45 seconds without shooting. 15