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SMITE Achievements

Full list of SMITE achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

SMITE has 94 achievements worth 1475 gamerscore

Double Tap Double Tap 0 Get 10 double kills in qualifying matches. 10
Bloodthirster Bloodthirster 0 Get 10 first blood accolades in qualifying matches. 20
Hat Trick Hat Trick 0 Get 5 triple kills in qualifying matches. 15
Quadra Kill Quadra Kill 0 Get a quadra kill in a qualifying match. 30
Penta Kill Penta Kill 0 Get a penta kill in a qualifying match. 40
Rampage Rampage 0 Destroy 50 towers in qualifying matches. 20
Objective Stealer Objective Stealer 0 Deliver the killing blow on a map objective where enemies did more damage in a qualifying match. 20
Fatality Fatality 0 Kill 100 gods in qualifying matches 10
Helping Hand Helping Hand 0 Get 100 assists in qualifying matches. 10
Can't Stop This Can't Stop This 0 Get 50 killing sprees in qualifying matches. 20
Combo Breaker Combo Breaker 0 Shut down 10 killing sprees in qualifying matches. 15
Objective Killer Objective Killer 0 Get 25 killing blows on map objectives in qualifying matches. 20
Destructible Destructible 0 Destroy a tower before 8 minutes in Conquest or Siege. 15
Minion Mayhem Minion Mayhem 0 100 Minions killed. 10
All About the Conquest All About the Conquest 0 25 Normal Conquest matches played. 20
Love to Guard Love to Guard 0 5 Mastered Guardians. 30
Join the Hunt Join the Hunt 0 5 Mastered Hunters. 30
Mage for Life Mage for Life 0 5 Mastered Mages. 30
Assassin for Hire Assassin for Hire 0 5 Mastered Assassins. 30
Art of War Art of War 0 5 Mastered Warriors. 30
Blood and Sand Blood and Sand 0 25 Arena matches played. 20
Valiant Jouster Valiant Jouster 0 25 Joust 3v3 matches played. 20
Master Assailant Master Assailant 0 25 Assault matches played. 20
Adept of Mastery Adept of Mastery 0 40 Gods Mastered. 40
Siege Breaker Siege Breaker 0 25 Siege matches played. 20
Maxed Out Maxed Out 0 Reach Level 30. 25
Diamonds Are Forever Diamonds Are Forever 0 1 god at Mastery 10. 10
20 to 1 20 to 1 0 Kill enemy gods more than 20 times in a single match, and only die once. 10
Hard Carry Hard Carry 0 You killed more than 20 enemy gods in a single Conquest match. 30
Super Cheer Super Cheer 0 Win an Arena match with more than 100 tickets remaining. 10
Survivor Survivor 0 Survived more than 50 battles with less than 10% health. 10
Cleanup Crew Cleanup Crew 0 Kill 3 enemy gods with a single ability. 25
Death from Above Death from Above 0 Killed 25 gods from damage dealt by landing from a leap. 10
Precise Shot Precise Shot 0 Get a double kill where both kills were the result of ranged basic attacks. 25
Last Hit Last Hit 0 Kill 20 minions by getting the last hit with a Basic Attack in a single match. 10
Fast Blood Fast Blood 0 You have earned First Blood in any game mode before 0:00 on the in-game clock. 25
Good Game Good Game 0 Complete a match with 5 or more Kills, 10 or more Assists, and 2 or fewer Deaths. 10
Jump, Jump Jump, Jump 0 You have leaped over 100 times with gods that have leaps. 10
Come Back Come Back 0 Win a match where your team had 4000 less combined gold than the enemy team. 25
Double Edged Sword Double Edged Sword 0 Win a match where your team has killed twice as many gods as the enemy team. 10
Last Man Standing Last Man Standing 0 Be the only god left alive on either team in Conquest, Assault, or Arena. 10
I Will Find Them! I Will Find Them! 0 Destroy 25 enemy wards. 10
Down to the Wire Down to the Wire 0 Win an Arena match where your team has only 20 tickets or less remaining. 10
Feel The Fury! Feel The Fury! 0 Reach the maximum Attack Speed of 2.5 in a single match. 10
Beast Master Beast Master 0 Summon 20 Siege Monsters in Siege Mode. 10
Beast Slayer Beast Slayer 0 Get the killing blow on an enemy Siege Monster in Siege Mode. 10
Use Your Fists Use Your Fists 0 Get the killing blow on an enemy god with a Basic Attack while playing a Guardian. 10
Fooled You Fooled You 0 Get the killing blow on an enemy god using damage reflect. 10
Perfect Perfect 0 Get the killing blow on an enemy god without taking damage from them. 10
Reborn Reborn 0 Win a game of Conquest, Siege, or Joust after one of your Phoenixes was destroyed. 10
After Effect After Effect 0 Kill an enemy god after they had already killed you. 10
Line Them Up Line Them Up 0 Hit 3 different enemy gods with a single ability. 10
Limit Them Limit Them 0 Disarm or Silence 10 enemy gods. 10
Heals for Days Heals for Days 0 Healed gods other than yourself for more than 10,000 health. 10
That's Far Enough! That's Far Enough! 0 Root or Cripple 15 enemy gods. 10
Omnitheist Omnitheist 0 Completed a match with a god from all Pantheons. 10
Questions Later Questions Later 0 Dealt damage to every enemy player in Arena before any of them damaged you. 30
Freeze! Freeze! 0 Stun 15 enemy gods. 10
Up You Go! Up You Go! 0 Knockup 15 enemy gods. 10

SMITE: Solar Flare

There are 15 achievements with a total of 220 points.

CHARGE! CHARGE! 0 As Guan Yu, Stun three or more gods at once with your ultimate, Cavalry Charge. 30
The Warriors Will The Warriors Will 0 As Guan Yu heal 3 or more of your teammates at once while your passive is charged. 15
Gymnast Gymnast 0 As Neith, kill an enemy god with the damage from your backflip. 10
Arrow to the Knee! Arrow to the Knee! 0 As Neith, stun three or more enemy gods with a single spirit arrow. 10
Solar Blessing Solar Blessing 0 As Ra, end a game with over 30,000 player healing. 20
Searing Steal Searing Steal 0 As Ra, steal the fire giant away from your opponents using Searing Pain. 30
Dunkmaster! Dunkmaster! 0 As Thor, land on three or more enemy gods at once using ultimate. 10
Tectonic Stun Tectonic Stun 0 As Thor, stun three or more enemy gods at once using tectonic rift. 15
You Go Boom! You Go Boom! 0 As Ymir, kill three or more enemy gods using your ultimate. 10
Why So Cold? Why So Cold? 0 As Ymir, hit 50 basic attacks on enemies who are effected by Frost Bite in a single match. 10
Conquest Welcomes You! Conquest Welcomes You! 0 Play a game of Conquest in Versus Mode. 10
Arena Welcomes You! Arena Welcomes You! 0 Play a game of Arena in Versus mode.. 10
Joust Welcomes You! Joust Welcomes You! 0 Play a game of Joust in Versus mode. 10
Assault Welcomes You! Assault Welcomes You! 0 Play a game of Assault in Versus mode. 10
Get On My Level Get On My Level 0 Play 25 league matches. 20

SMITE: The Astral Hunt

There are 4 achievements with a total of 45 points.

Clay Explosion Clay Explosion 0 As Nu Wa deliver the killing blow by exploding Clay soldiers with Shining Metal. 10
Skill Shot Skill Shot 0 As Nu Wa get 100 kills with Fire Shards. 10
The Heat! The Heat! 0 As Agni stun three or more enemy gods with Noxious Fumes. 10
Those Fumes Those Fumes 0 As Agni get the killing blow with the damage from Combustion. 15

SMITE: Shadows of Olympus

There are 4 achievements with a total of 80 points.

Master At Arms Master At Arms 0 As Bellona kill an enemy after having hit them with each of your weapon stances. 15
Rally Here! Rally Here! 0 As Bellona kill 10 enemies with the damage from Eagles Rally. 10
Trick Shot Trick Shot 0 As Hou Yi bounce your ricochet off of two surfaces and hit a different enemy god on each bounce. 35
The Crows Mark The Crows Mark 0 As Hou Yi utilize Mark of the Crow to knock-back, Stun, and slow an enemy god in 5 seconds. 20

SMITE: The Reborn Prince

There are 12 achievements with a total of 130 points.

Reaper of Souls Reaper of Souls 0 As Thanatos silence 15 enemies out of their abilities. 10
My Minion My Minion 0 As Bakasura eat twenty five minions using eat minion in a single match. 5
The Butcher The Butcher 0 As Bakasura get three kills on enemy gods with the damage from Butcher Blades. 10
Supernova Supernova 0 As Sol hit an enemy with all 8 strikes of super nova. 20
Disapparate Disapparate 0 As Sol stun two or more enemy gods with the trail from Disapparate 5
Wrecking Ball! Wrecking Ball! 0 As Thanatos execute three or more enemies in a single match using hovering death. 5
Marks for Everyone! Marks for Everyone! 0 As Chiron hit three or more enemy gods with Masterful Shot. 5
3 for 3! 3 for 3! 0 As Chiron get a triple kill while in your ultimate, Centaurus. 20
Dragon's Wrath Dragon's Wrath 0 As KuKulkan kill an enemy at full health using only Spirit of the Nine Winds. 5
Whirlwind Whirlwind 0 As KuKulkan kill three or more enemy gods with one Whirlwind 20
Around the World Around the World 0 As Mercury travel 75,000 feet in a single game. 20
Speed Demon Speed Demon 0 As Mercury reach 600 movement speed. 5