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Frost Achievements

Full list of Frost achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Frost has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Refuge Refuge 0 Win a game in any mode 10
Easy Easy 0 Win a game in easy mode 15
See in the Frost See in the Frost 0 Win a game after having had the Frost counter on 1 15
Scars Scars 0 Win a game with one Health Point 15
Normal? Normal? 0 Win on medium difficulty 15
The Meditation The Meditation 0 Finish The Meditator scenario 15
The Father The Father 0 Finish The Leader scenario 15
In a breeze In a breeze 0 Win a game without any Fatigue card in your deck 30
This is endless This is endless 0 Travel 40 times in Endless 30
No Refuge for me No Refuge for me 0 In medium difficulty, win the game without finding the Refuge 90
Hunter Hunter 0 Finish The Hunter scenario 30
Ambitions Ambitions 0 Win on hard difficulty 30
On my own On my own 0 Win a game without any Survivor in your deck 90
The Daughter The Daughter 0 Finish The Tracker scenario 30
The Guidance The Guidance 0 Finish The Guide scenario 90
The Path The Path 0 Finish The Priest scenario 90
I have no idea what I'm doing I have no idea what I'm doing 0 Win a game without any idea in your deck 30
The Cold The Cold 0 Finish The Frigomancer scenario 90
Beat the Impossible Beat the Impossible 0 You won on Impossible difficulty :O Congrats! 90
The Prospects The Prospects 0 Finish The Recruiter scenario 90
The Wall The Wall 0 Finish The Skeptic scenario 90