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Phantom Doctrine Achievements

Find all the Phantom Doctrine achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 47 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Comrade spy Comrade spy 0 As an agent of the KGB, execute your top secret orders. 15
US Intelligence US Intelligence 0 As an agent of the CIA, verify whether your mentor's suspicions were correct. 15
The End? - Easy The End? - Easy 0 Dismantle the conspiracy on Easy difficulty. 30
The End? - Normal The End? - Normal 0 Dismantle the conspiracy on Normal difficulty. 70
The End? - Hard The End? - Hard 0 Dismantle the conspiracy on Hard difficulty. 80
No One Noticed No One Noticed 0 Kidnap the Triad boss without raising alarm. 15
Blessing in Disguise Blessing in Disguise 0 Rescue the Opposition leader with the help of a disguised agent. 15
Spy Spy 0 Extract security data from Chicago's tallest tower. 15
Same, but Different Same, but Different 0 Recover the Marquis cargo from a different safehouse. 15
Death of a Citizen Death of a Citizen 0 Kill the Beholder mastermind in Munich. 15
The Whole Truth The Whole Truth 0 Tie up the very final loose end. 70
Blank Slate Blank Slate 0 Successfully brainwash an agent. 15
Tailor Tailor 0 Change an agent's identity. 15
Conspiracy Revealed Conspiracy Revealed 0 Solve a secret file. 15
Fully Operational Fully Operational 0 Unlock all facilities. 30
Airborne Extraction Airborne Extraction 0 Purchase helicopter evac for a tactical mission. 15
Well-equipped Well-equipped 0 Research all tech upgrades in a single playthrough. 30
Tactical Support Tactical Support 0 Own at least one of each Support Power type in a single playthrough. 15
Tinker Tinker 0 Craft 50 items. 15
Merchant Merchant 0 Buy 50 items. 15
Tactical Espionage Tactical Espionage 0 Find 50 secrets on tactical levels. 15
Tactical Plunder Tactical Plunder 0 Loot 50 containers on tactical levels. 15
Top Tier Top Tier 0 Have an agent reach maximum level. 15
Cold Truce Cold Truce 0 Start a tactical mission with agents from CIA, KGB, Mossad, Stasi and SB in one team. 15
Bite the Bullet Bite the Bullet 0 Survive an ambush. 15
Trust No One Trust No One 0 Complete all secret files manually in a single playthrough. 30
Calculated Risk Calculated Risk 0 Implant and successfully use a trigger phrase to your benefit. 15
Misplaced Trust Misplaced Trust 0 Witness an agent betrayal during a tactical mission. 15
Soldier Soldier 0 Kill 100 enemies. 15
Veteran Veteran 0 Kill 250 enemies. 30
Licence to Kill Licence to Kill 0 Kill 15 agents. 15
Inside Job Inside Job 0 Destroy 5 enemy cells using sleeper agents. 15
Lootcrates are Forever Lootcrates are Forever 0 Collect all loot and documents on a single tactical level. 15
Scientist Scientist 0 Apply 50 chemical compounds. 15
Counterfeit Fortune Counterfeit Fortune 0 Forge $100,000. 30
Step into the Breach Step into the Breach 0 Breach a room using four or more agents. 15
Pacifist Pacifist 0 Finish a level in infiltration without hurting anyone. 30
Sadist Sadist 0 Kill six enemies in one turn. 15
Combined Arms Combined Arms 0 Use four support powers in one turn. 15
Silent Power Silent Power 0 Mod a shotgun with a silencer. 15
Syndicate Engineering Syndicate Engineering 0 Engineer an agent with all stats at 140 or above. 15

Secret Achievements

The Institute The Institute 0 As the Israeli Nazi hunter, pay retribution to an old enemy. 15
Once Bitten, Twice Shy Once Bitten, Twice Shy 0 Escape the Glasgow trap. 15
Rock the Boat Rock the Boat 0 Recover the Marquis cargo. 15
Communication Noise Communication Noise 0 Attempt to save 269 lives from an aviation disaster. 15
Explosive Measures Explosive Measures 0 Destroy the Broadsword facility. 15
Tip of the Iceberg Tip of the Iceberg 0 Get a taste of Beholder's real power. 30