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Road to Ballhalla Achievements

Find all the Road to Ballhalla achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 22 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Get The Ball Rolling Get The Ball Rolling 0 Finished trial 1-1. 50
Leave Corollia Leave Corollia 0 Finished trial 1-5 on Corollia. 50
Complete Corollia Complete Corollia 0 Earned all Tokens on Corollia. 40
Rush Corollia Rush Corollia 0 Earned all Time Stars on Corollia. 40
Leave Ballderaan Leave Ballderaan 0 Finished trial 2-5 on Ballderaan. 50
Complete Ballderaan Complete Ballderaan 0 Earned all Tokens on Ballderaan. 40
Rush Ballderaan Rush Ballderaan 0 Earned all Time Stars on Ballderaan. 40
Leave Dagoball Leave Dagoball 0 Finished trial 3-5 on Dagoball. 50
Complete Dagoball Complete Dagoball 0 Earned all Tokens on Dagoball. 40
Rush Dagoball Rush Dagoball 0 Earned all Time Stars on Dagoball. 40
Leave Rollin IV Leave Rollin IV 0 Finished trial 4-5 on Rollin IV. 50
Complete Rollin IV Complete Rollin IV 0 Earned all Tokens on Rollin IV. 40
Rush Rollin IV Rush Rollin IV 0 Earned all Time Stars on Rollin IV. 40
Reach Ballhalla Reach Ballhalla 0 Finally got to Ballhalla and watched the end credits. 50
Secrets? What? Where? Secrets? What? Where? 0 You have found all secret locations. 50
The Final Secret The Final Secret 0 You've successfully finished the scavenger hunt. 50
Ball Hacks Required Ball Hacks Required 0 You've exploited your way to the hole that requires ball hacks. 50
Hole of Glory Hole of Glory 0 You've reached the hole of glory. 50
Finish Bonus Trials Finish Bonus Trials 0 Finished all bonus trials. 50
Complete Bonus Trials Complete Bonus Trials 0 Earned all tokens in the bonus trials. 40
Do Not Enter Do Not Enter 0 You didn't listen to the narrator. 50
Rush B-Roll Rush B-Roll 0 Earned all Time Stars on B-Roll. 40