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Socketeer Achievements

Full list of Socketeer achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Socketeer has 27 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Die, Robot Die, Robot 0 Destroy 500 robots 30
Master of Disguise Master of Disguise 0 Successfully hack one of each type of robot 30
Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency 0 Spend over 100,000 in shops in total 30
Closed for Business Closed for Business 0 Defeat a shopkeeper 30
Hacketeer Hacketeer 0 Successfully hack a shopkeeper 50
Script Kiddie Script Kiddie 0 Successfully hack 100 robots 30
Freebooting Freebooting 0 Don't pay for an item from the shop 20
Fully Loaded Fully Loaded 0 Equip every item in the game 30
Overloaded Circuits Overloaded Circuits 0 EMP at least five robots with one blast 30
Crate Expectations Crate Expectations 0 Exit the level in a crate without being spotted or interacting with any robots 10
Brain Blast Brain Blast 0 Play through the game and defeat Cranium in under ten minutes 70
Silent Running Silent Running 0 Finish a level without being seen by any enemies 30
Cerebral Cerebral 0 Complete the game without taking any damage 100
Wasteful Wasteful 0 Complete the game without collecting any salvaged parts 70
Encrypted Encrypted 0 Complete a level without picking up and using a key 50
Resourceful Resourceful 0 Complete the game without picking up and using any equipment 50

Secret Achievements

Not Over Until It's Over Not Over Until It's Over 0 Successfully return to the level after being blasted into space 20
Highly Illogical Highly Illogical 0 Beat the final boss, Cranium 50
The Final Frontier The Final Frontier 0 Destroy the true boss, Deep Brain 50
Industrial Revolution Industrial Revolution 0 Reach the Factory 20
Lab Rat Lab Rat 0 Reach the Lab 20
I'm In I'm In 0 Reach the Mainframe 20
Engaging Warp Drives Engaging Warp Drives 0 Reach Hyperspace 30
To Boldly Go To Boldly Go 0 See every level in the game 30
Eco-friendly Eco-friendly 0 Use the Recycler for the first time 20
Nature's Friend Nature's Friend 0 Gain three rewards from the Recycler in one level 50
Dewey Would Be Proud Dewey Would Be Proud 0 Water all plants in the Biosphere 30