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Digimon Survive Achievements

Full list of Digimon Survive achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Digimon Survive has 46 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Survival Master Survival Master 0 Unlocked all achievements. 100
The Adventure Begins The Adventure Begins 0 Embarked on your adventure. 15
Fateful Decision Fateful Decision 0 Reached a fork in the story. 15
Final Battle Imminent Final Battle Imminent 0 Entered the final battle. 20
First Haul First Haul 0 Acquired your first item while exploring. 15
Item Master Item Master 0 Acquired 100 items while exploring. 15
Look at Me Now! Look at Me Now! 0 Agumon reached Rookie level. 15
Bow to the Champion Bow to the Champion 0 Agumon reached Champion level. 15
Ultimate Ascension Ultimate Ascension 0 Agumon reached Ultimate level. 15
Astute Recruiter Astute Recruiter 0 Recruited a Free Monster. 15
Evolution Revolution Evolution Revolution 0 Evolved a Free Monster. 15
Master Researcher Master Researcher 0 Encountered all monsters. 100

Secret Achievements

Path to the Truth Path to the Truth 0 Took the Truthful route. 15
Downed Dokugumon! Downed Dokugumon! 0 Beat Dokugumon. 15
Finished Fangmon! Finished Fangmon! 0 Beat Fangmon. 15
Axed Arukenimon! Axed Arukenimon! 0 Beat Arukenimon. 15
Crushed Cyclonemon! Crushed Cyclonemon! 0 Beat Cyclonemon. 15
Got Garurumon! Got Garurumon! 0 Beat Garurumon. 15
Mashed Monzaemon! Mashed Monzaemon! 0 Beat Monzaemon. 15
Whipped Wendigomon! Whipped Wendigomon! 0 Beat Wendigomon 15
Muzzled MegaSeadramon! Muzzled MegaSeadramon! 0 Beat MegaSeadramon. 15
Pummeled Piedmon! Pummeled Piedmon! 0 Beat Piedmon. 15
Returned to the Fold Returned to the Fold 0 Saved Miyuki. 15
A Brother Unredeemed A Brother Unredeemed 0 Beat Boltboutamon. 20
So Sorry, Sweet Aoi... So Sorry, Sweet Aoi... 0 Beat Plutomon. 20
Massacred the Master! Massacred the Master! 0 Beat the Master. 20
Bested Baihumon! Bested Baihumon! 0 Beat Baihumon. 15
Ebonwumon defeated! Ebonwumon defeated! 0 Beat Ebonwumon. 15
Annihilated Azulongmon! Annihilated Azulongmon! 0 Beat Azulongmon. 15
Surmounted Zhuqiaomon! Surmounted Zhuqiaomon! 0 Beat Zhuqiaomon. 15
Sanctified Sovereign Sanctified Sovereign 0 Beat Fanglongmon Ruin Mode. 60
Birth of the Digital Monsters Birth of the Digital Monsters 0 Completed the Moral route. 20
Wrathful Reckoning Wrathful Reckoning 0 Completed the Wrathful route. 20
New World Order New World Order 0 Completed the Harmonious route. 20
Generation of the Future Generation of the Future 0 Completed Truthful route to the next generation. 70
Mega Metamorphosis Mega Metamorphosis 0 Agumon reached Mega level. 15
Majestic Malevolence Majestic Malevolence 0 Dracmon reached Mega level. 15
Spirit Judge Spirit Judge 0 Labramon reached Mega level. 15
Guardian of the Skies Guardian of the Skies 0 Falcomon reached Mega level. 15
Angelic Entity Angelic Entity 0 Lopmon reached Mega level. 15
Uncompromising Pride Uncompromising Pride 0 Kunemon reached Mega level. 15
Arboreal Goddess Arboreal Goddess 0 Floramon reached Mega level. 15
Aquatic Fairy Aquatic Fairy 0 Syakomon reached Mega level. 15
Full Metal Partner Full Metal Partner 0 Garurumon reached Mega level. 15
Maiden of Divine Will Maiden of Divine Will 0 Renamon reached Mega level. 15
Holy Knight Holy Knight 0 Evolved to Omegamon. 20