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Nefarious Achievements

Find all the Nefarious achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 44 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Stop Hitting Yourself! Stop Hitting Yourself Stop Hitting Yourself! Stop Hitting Yourself 0 Destroy the swat van with one of it's own bazooka blasts. 15
Buzz Off! Buzz Off! 0 Beat Dash in Insektia without taking any damage. 30
Traitors! Traitors! 0 Defeat Mechano using only his own missiles. 30
Leap Of Faith Leap Of Faith 0 Get the first crown in Sukochi. 15
Chatty Cathys Chatty Cathys 0 See all the dialogue scenes in Heartless Abyss. 15
Lineage of Tyranny Lineage of Tyranny 0 Read all of the portrait descriptions of Crow's Lineage in his wing at the Villain Museum. 15
Harbinger Of Doom Harbinger Of Doom 0 Unlock Farrah's Folly. 15
Good Advice Good Advice 0 Give princess Mayapple a good advice. 15
Farrahs For Days Farrahs For Days 0 Find and rescue Farrah’s brothers. 15
Office Romance Office Romance 0 Get chosen by Becky in the dating show. 15
Speed Run Speed Run 0 Complete Rattletrack Rails without dying. 30
Drop The Axe Drop The Axe 0 Feel like a plumber. 15
What You Always Wanted What You Always Wanted 0 Get the bad ending. 15
True Friends True Friends 0 Get the good ending. 15
Virtuoso Virtuoso 0 Unlock all the music for the Jukebox. 30
King Crow King Crow 0 Find all the crowns in the game. 30
100% 100% 0 Unlock all upgrades, view all endings, find all the vinyls, and collect all the crowns in the game. 30
Feeling Punchy Feeling Punchy 0 Defeat 20 enemies with punches. 15
Punchsplosion! Punchsplosion! 0 Defeat 50 enemies with punches. 15
Punchmageddon Punchmageddon 0 Defeat 100 enemies with punches. 15
Grenadier Grenadier 0 Defeat 20 enemies with grenades. 15
Combustalicious Combustalicious 0 Defeat 50 enemies with grenades. 15
Oh, The Huge Manatee! Oh, The Huge Manatee! 0 Defeat 100 enemies with grenades. 15
New Exhibit New Exhibit 0 Defeat the Treble Rangers at the Villain Museum. 15
The Dating Game The Dating Game 0 Participate in the dating game. 15
Existential Terror Existential Terror 0 Contemplate the true form of princess Farrah. 15
Do Not Pass Go Do Not Pass Go 0 Put Dr. Cackle under arrest. 15
Bedside Manner Bedside Manner 0 Had a long conversation with your upgrade station S.T.A.B.I.L.E 15
Chomped! Chomped! 0 Found the hidden monster at the villain museum. 15
Implicated Implicated 0 Read all 16 terminals in Adept Co. and discover who funded the sinister organization. 15
The True Mastermind The True Mastermind 0 Achieve S-Ranks on all stages. 90
Dark Hearted Dark Hearted 0 Activate the Doom Howitzer. 30
Jerk With a Heart of Gold Jerk With a Heart of Gold 0 Do not activate the Doom Howitzer. 15
Dark Pact Dark Pact 0 Honored the terms of your dark pact with Kaptain Man. 15
War Machine War Machine 0 Buy every upgrade in the upgrade shop. 30
Buster Run Buster Run 0 Beat the game without buying a single upgrade. 65
Stick and Move Stick and Move 0 Defeat Guryon in Winterdown without getting hit once. 30
Talk to the Hand Talk to the Hand 0 Defeat Mack at Adept Co. without getting hit once. 30
Scrooge Scrooge 0 Counting any amount spent, gather a grand total of 10,000 lucre. 15
The Purple Pauper The Purple Pauper 0 Beat the game having collected less than 1,000 lucre. 65
Up close and personal Up close and personal 0 Beat any stage by only punching, without firing a single long ranged weapon. 15
Technological Superiority Technological Superiority 0 Beat Dash, Guryon and the 8-bit heroes without dying or taking damage at the Bramble Flats. 30
Butterfingers Butterfingers 0 As a result of being defeated, dropped a princess. 15
Feeling Motivated! Feeling Motivated! 0 Listened to the heroes entire motivational speech at Bramble flats. 15