Project Spark: Seph the Sorcerer Achievements

Team Dakota
Microsoft Game Studios

There are 6 achievements with a total of 70 points.

Seph Hero Seph Hero 0 Finish your 1st Crossroads experience with Seph. 10
Seph's Nemesis Seph's Nemesis 0 Defeat the Necromancer with Seph in Crossroads. 10
Seph Challenger Seph Challenger 0 Complete 10 Champion Challenges with Seph. 10
Seph Challenge Master Seph Challenge Master 0 Complete 50 Champion Challenges with Seph. 10
Arcane Sorcerer Arcane Sorcerer 0 Reach Level 10 with Seph. 10
Sorcerer Savant Sorcerer Savant 0 Reach Level 20 with Seph. 20

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