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The Shapeshifting Detective Achievements

Find all the The Shapeshifting Detective achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 21 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Play It Again Sam Play It Again Sam 0 You need to learn when to keep your mouth shut. 10
You Had One Job You Had One Job 0 You told Oscar you were a Shapeshifting Detective. 10
A Woman Scorned A Woman Scorned 0 You pushed Violet's buttons. 10
Patient Listener Patient Listener 0 You listened to Lexie's ouija board theory. 10
Chameleon Chameleon 0 You shifted into everyone! 10
Play Me By The Hour Play Me By The Hour 0 You made it through the first hour. 10
Strong Silent Type Strong Silent Type 0 You deleted a question! 10
Book 'em Danny Book 'em Danny 0 You got the Chief to lock people up. 35
Heavy Rayne Heavy Rayne 0 Rayne gets cross with Bron... 35
Voyeur Voyeur 0 You watched ALL of Dorota’s videos. 35
Put A Ring On It Put A Ring On It 0 Congrats, you're getting married! 35
Highlander Highlander 0 Bronwyn says she's immortal. 35
Video Saved The Radio Star Video Saved The Radio Star 0 You saved Ellis. 35
Show Me Some Skin Show Me Some Skin 0 You went all the way with Zak's photoshoot. 90
Oscar Winning Performance Oscar Winning Performance 0 You got freaky with Oscar. 90
Poetent Poetent 0 You got punched by Poe. 90
Bullseye Bullseye 0 You kicked Zak in the sack. 90
Look Mum I'm A Detective Look Mum I'm A Detective 0 Picked Dorota's murderer first time. 90
Chicken Chicken 0 You left Ellis alone with Danny. 90
The Big Sleep The Big Sleep 0 You got yourself killed. 90
Hashtag Winning Hashtag Winning 0 Agent X augmented you! 90