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The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition Achievements

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There are 22 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Cool Beans Cool Beans 0 Go through the first part of a campaign without stopping. 50
UnLockSmith UnLockSmith 0 Unlock all doors in one campaign. 50
Mr Attractive Mr Attractive 0 Complete three buildings in a row without hitting anything destructable. 25
WalkMaster 9001 WalkMaster 9001 0 Speedrun your way through a campaign in 20 minutes. 75
Radstone Gander Radstone Gander 0 Collect 100 RadRocks in total. 25
Burning sensation Burning sensation 0 Un-live 150 vegetables using fire. 25
Morning breath Morning breath 0 Defeat 30 enemies in total with the last bullet of your gun. 50
Near Death Rattle Near Death Rattle 0 Blow up enemies after your death. 25
Too Hard Mode Too Hard Mode 0 Win 10 boss battles. 25
360 BlowScope 360 BlowScope 0 Hit a grenade with your melee and defeat 30 enemies with those grenades in total. 50
Boomerang Boomerang 0 Defeat 100 enemies using their own bullets. 50
Golden Punch Golden Punch 0 Destroy 10 000 entities in total. 25
Super Smash PD Super Smash PD 0 Go though one campaign only using your melee weapons (items allowed) 75
Big Game Hunter Big Game Hunter 0 Enter the boss arena with one health, and slay the beast. 25
Weapon Specialist Weapon Specialist 0 Unlock 5 weapons. 50
Pulpinator Pulpinator 0 Push 200 vegetables over the edge. Grandma had her ways.. 50
Akimbo Akimbo 0 Go through one campaign without using your weaponwheel. 75
Born to Kale Born to Kale 0 Complete one level without picking up any guns, melee weapons, or items. 75
Life Saver Life Saver 0 Open 20 health boxes at full health. 50
Tongue of Steel Tongue of Steel 0 Defeat Coco & Loco. 25
OneUp OneUp 0 Die 10 times. 25
Reborn Reborn 0 Survive for 20 waves in Bonus Dimension. 75