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Operencia: The Stolen Sun Achievements

Full list of Operencia: The Stolen Sun achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Operencia: The Stolen Sun has 47 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Dragonslayer Dragonslayer 0 Completed Gate to the Underworld 10
Frogslayer Frogslayer 0 Completed Lake of Anna 10
Escape the Woods Escape the Woods 0 Completed The Great Forest 10
The Ghost Queen The Ghost Queen 0 Completed Tomb of Réka 10
Hammer Time Hammer Time 0 Completed Deva Fortress 10
Star Gate Star Gate 0 Completed Bálványos 10
Lord of the Fireflies Lord of the Fireflies 0 Completed World Tree 10
Leaf Lifter Leaf Lifter 0 Completed Atop the World Tree 10
Keymaster Keymaster 0 Completed Copper Forest 10
Final Cut Final Cut 0 Completed Deep in the Copper Forest 10
Gatekeeper Gatekeeper 0 Completed Gate to the Underworld 10
A Royal Welcome A Royal Welcome 0 Completed Tomb of Attila 10
Underworld Defeated Underworld Defeated 0 Completed the game with any difficulty settings 20
Cartographer Cartographer 0 Fully revealed all maps 70
One for the Team One for the Team 0 Bought equipment from Elia 10
Out of Stock Out of Stock 0 Bought everything from Elia's stock 30
Bartender Bartender 0 Brewed all potions 30
Legend Legend 0 Completed the game with at least two difficulty settings switched on 100
Every Corner Every Corner 0 All secrets revealed 50
Shovel, Knight Shovel, Knight 0 Dug up all buried treasures 30
Master Thief Master Thief 0 Opened all locked chests 40
Let's Do This Let's Do This 0 Leveled up a character 10
Boy Scout Boy Scout 0 Highest level reached with all characters 20
Lumberjack Lumberjack 0 Piled up ten pieces of Firewood 20
Highlander Highlander 0 Defeated all enemies in the game 30
I Know Kung Fu I Know Kung Fu 0 Unlocked at least three skills from any talent tree 10
Focus Focus 0 Unlocked the last tier of at least one talent tree 20
Perfectionist Perfectionist 0 Unlocked everything on two talent trees for at least one character 30
First Blood First Blood 0 Won a battle 10
One Punch Man One Punch Man 0 Defeated an enemy group with one hit 20
Master Chef Master Chef 0 All recipes were found 30
Battle Ready Battle Ready 0 Equipped an item to all slots of a character 10
Cosplayer Cosplayer 0 Equipped a full armor set on any character 10
Over 220 Over 220 0 Reached 220+ on all the three main battle stat at the same time 20
Summer Camp Summer Camp 0 All campfires were discovered 20

Secret Achievements

Deep Breath Deep Breath 0 Spent two minutes under water in Lake of Anna 20
Special Diet Special Diet 0 Acquired the secret treasure of the Hungry Plant in The Great Forest 20
Brothers Brothers 0 Placed both skulls onto the coffin in the Tomb of Réka 20
Bone Chest Bone Chest 0 Opened the skeleton's tresure chest in Deva Fortress 20
Skull Dice Skull Dice 0 Revealed the secret chest in Bálványos' block room 20
Speechless Speechless 0 Forced all mouths to close at least once in World Tree 20
Drunk Botany Drunk Botany 0 Used up all the cheap wine in Atop the World Tree 20
Backdoor Backdoor 0 Used the Copper Forest's workshop door from the inside 20
Well, Done Well, Done 0 Acquired the treasure from the well in the Copper Forest 20
Rooster Letterbox Rooster Letterbox 0 Found "Letter to Olek" in Gate to the Underworld 20
Up, Up and Away Up, Up and Away 0 Levitated twice in Tomb of Attila 20
Don't Touch! Don't Touch! 0 Tried to remove the channeling crystal after it was activated in the Glass Palace 20