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Golem Gates Achievements

Full list of Golem Gates achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Golem Gates has 26 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Fell the Hordes Fell the Hordes 0 Kill 10000 units. 40
Play the Game, Again and Again Play the Game, Again and Again 0 Complete 3 Versus games. 15
If You Cast It, They Will Come If You Cast It, They Will Come 0 Use 5000 Unit Glyphs. 40
A Case of Mistaken Identities A Case of Mistaken Identities 0 Force 50 enemy units to change their allegiance. 15
Structurally Efficient Structurally Efficient 0 Use 700 Structure Glyphs. 40
Creating a Weak Foundation Creating a Weak Foundation 0 Destroy 1000 Structures. 40
I'm Outta Here! I'm Outta Here! 0 Teleport the Harbinger 10 times. 15
I Can See Clearly Now, "The Ash" Is Gone I Can See Clearly Now, "The Ash" Is Gone 0 Use a vision Tech 100 times. 20
Fortified Defenses Fortified Defenses 0 Use a buff or healing Tech on an allied Structure 100 times. 20
Reuse and Recycle Reuse and Recycle 0 Clone or reanimate 500 units (holograms don't count). 40
I Was Here the Whole Time I Was Here the Whole Time 0 Hide a stealthed unit in visible range of an enemy for over 30 total minutes across all matches. 20
And So It Begins And So It Begins 0 Complete Chapter 1. 15
The First of Many The First of Many 0 Complete Chapter 5. 15
Do or Do Not, There is no Trial Do or Do Not, There is no Trial 0 Complete 5 Trials. 15
Trial Trial Again! Trial Trial Again! 0 Complete 10 Trials. 20
Four for One Four for One 0 Complete Chapter 10. 30
These Are Trialing Times These Are Trialing Times 0 Complete 20 Trials. 35
You've Got the Power You've Got the Power 0 Complete the Campaign. 80
Harbinger Protocol Complete Harbinger Protocol Complete 0 Complete all Campaign missions and all bonus objectives. 90
No Trial Too Steep No Trial Too Steep 0 Complete all Trials. 100
Explosive Rage Explosive Rage 0 Destroy 10 or more units with a single use of Fireball. 30
My Gun is Bigger My Gun is Bigger 0 Destroy an enemy Artillery Cannon with your own Artillery Cannon. 35
Juggernaut Juggernaut 0 Own a unit with 3 or more buffs on it. 30
Last Ditch Effort Last Ditch Effort 0 Win a Versus or Survival game while controlling zero energy nodes. 90
Done Right Done Right 0 Deal the final blow to an enemy Harbinger with your own Harbinger or Projection. 50
Withstanding the Horde Withstanding the Horde 0 Win a Survival game on Hard difficulty. 60