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We. The Revolution Achievements

Find all the We. The Revolution achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 38 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Kojak Kojak 0 Unlock all questions in 10 Cases. 10
Sherlock Sherlock 0 Unlock all questions in 25 Cases. 15
Colombo Colombo 0 Unlock all questions in all Cases. 20
Good eating deserves good drinking Good eating deserves good drinking 0 Everyone knows about your... intimate relationship with a bottle of wine. 15
Maverick Maverick 0 Win 10 times in the whole shebang. 10
Friendship Friendship 0 Contain 10 riots on the map. 10
Peace and love Peace and love 0 Contain 20 riots on the map. 20
Rebellious nature Rebellious nature 0 Disobey the Jury 10 times. 10
Anarchy in Paris Anarchy in Paris 0 Disobey the Jury 20 times. 20
Body of steel Body of steel 0 Death avoids you. 50
Crowned head Crowned head 0 Do you have an attachment to the crown.. citizen? You saved the king from death. 30
Prank Prank 0 Kill 10 enemy agents. 10
Man bites man Man bites man 0 Kill 30 enemy agents. 20
Blood on your hands Blood on your hands 0 Perhaps it really was your fault? 50
Golden Idol Golden Idol 0 Reach maximum reputation. 30
The last march The last march 0 You fight for France until the last soldier. 25
Educational procedures Educational procedures 0 At least you're trying. 10
A quick sting A quick sting 0 Pass the verdict without performing the Case. 10
Elementary Elementary 0 Perfectly fill in a report 5 times. 10
Nothing will remain hidden Nothing will remain hidden 0 Perfectly fill in a report 20 times. 30
Bloody god Bloody god 0 Behead 20 people. 25
No turning back No turning back 0 Perfectly play-out 1 intrigue. 50
All debts are paid All debts are paid 0 Perfectly play-out all intrigues. 100
Symbol Symbol 0 Create your own seal. 10
Speaker Speaker 0 During negotiations, you only use the best arguments. 50
Logistician Logistician 0 Save 350 000 runaways. 25
The last shall be the first The last shall be the first 0 Defend a section with only levy in mass. 25
The Fortress of Paris The Fortress of Paris 0 Survive 10 turns in battle. 20
Revolutionary army Revolutionary army 0 Play a battle with a team of 4 different units. 20
A shield for the weakest A shield for the weakest 0 You sacrifice soldiers to save the civilians. 20
Force of habit Force of habit 0 Win the battle by using only one tactics. 20
Freedom Freedom 0 Complete Act I. 20
Equality Equality 0 Complete Act II. 30
Brotherhood Brotherhood 0 Complete Act III. 50
Family is the most important Family is the most important 0 Mantain positive relationship with your family for 10 days. 15
A bargain at twice the price A bargain at twice the price 0 Spend 100 influence points. 15
Family bonds Family bonds 0 Just this once, you didn't let him down. 50
Marriage counseling Marriage counseling 0 Let it go. 50