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Initial2: New Stage Achievements

Full list of Initial2: New Stage achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Initial2: New Stage has 31 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Initial2: New Stage Initial2: New Stage 0 Thanks for your purchase 10
Emperor - Rex Emperor - Rex 0 Beat '(Fake)Scientia Emperor-Rex-the Liberator' at any mode 10
General of Empire-Nihil General of Empire-Nihil 0 Beat General Nihil at any mode 10
General of Empire-Kyuya General of Empire-Kyuya 0 Beat General Kyuya at any mode 10
General of Empire-Ryuzaki General of Empire-Ryuzaki 0 Beat General Ryuzaki at any mode 10
General of Empire-Motalia General of Empire-Motalia 0 Beat General Motalia at any mode 10
Iudex Soldiers' world Iudex Soldiers' world 0 Congrats! Mission Complete 10
You are the legend! You are the legend! 0 恭喜你通关极限模式 50
Heritage Heritage 0 Beat Doom Machine · VE Ⅱ at any mode 30
Spirits from the old world Spirits from the old world 0 Beat Energetic Aberration-Old King Armour at any mode 30
Fighting between girls Fighting between girls 0 Beat the Ace Drillmaster-Sophia at any mode 30
Iudex Soldiers' blandness Iudex Soldiers' blandness 0 Beat Operator-Viola at any mode 30
Revenge Revenge 0 Beat Blood-Starved Mortalia at any mode 30
The Forsaken The Forsaken 0 Beat The Forsaken - Dennis at any mode 30
Contradiction Contradiction 0 Beat Veritas at any mode 30
Super replicant Super replicant 0 Beat Replicant Ryuzaki at any mode 30
Greatsword-Shiver Greatsword-Shiver 0 Greatsword-Shiver 50
Fists-Wild Fists-Wild 0 Unlock weapon Fists-Wild 50
Bow-Falcon Bow-Falcon 0 Unlock weapon Bow-Falcon 50
Core of power Core of power 0 Own 1 ESP chip 50
Ultimate power Ultimate power 0 Own all ESP chips 50
E.M.C power E.M.C power 0 Own 1 E.M.C skill 50
Equip all slots Equip all slots 0 Own 4 E.M.C skills 50
Collector of E.M.C skills Collector of E.M.C skills 0 获得全部E.M.C技能 50
Critical strike Critical strike 0 First time to use Executioner Skill 50
Power of friendship Power of friendship 0 First time to rescue teammate 30
One of this world One of this world 0 First time talk to NPC 10
Recover HP Recover HP 0 First time to use skill of recovering HP 30
The Enemy The Enemy 0 Unlock all information of enemies 50
The Main Character The Main Character 0 Unlock all information of main characters 50
BOSS challenge - level 1 BOSS challenge - level 1 0 Beat one BOSS in BOSS Challenge Mode by S score 20