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Night Call Achievements

Full list of Night Call achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Night Call has 46 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Une étoile Une étoile 0 You have discovered 2% of the Passidex (base game). 15
Deux étoiles Deux étoiles 0 You have discovered 10% of the Passidex (base game). 15
Trois étoiles Trois étoiles 0 You have discovered 25% of the Passidex (base game). 15
Quatre étoiles Quatre étoiles 0 You have discovered 50% of the Passidex (base game). 20
Cinq étoiles Cinq étoiles 0 You have discovered 75% of the Passidex (base game). 25
Le Chauffeur Le Chauffeur 0 You have discovered 98% of the Passidex (base game). 50
Un pour tous… Un pour tous… 0 You have met all the passengers (base game only). 50
Sous les verrous… Sous les verrous… 0 You have arrested all the killers (base game only). 30
L'Ange de la Mort L'Ange de la Mort 0 You discovered the Angel of Death's identity. 40
Le Marchand de Sable Le Marchand de Sable 0 You discovered the Sandman's identity. 40
Le Juge Le Juge 0 You discovered the Judge's identity. 40

Secret Achievements

L'Avocat L'Avocat 0 You said nothing. 10
Le Politicien Le Politicien 0 You said nothing. 10
Le Fantôme Le Fantôme 0 You heard all his stories. 30
Le Prêtre Le Prêtre 0 You confessed. 20
La Critique La Critique 0 You have heard all her stories. 30
L'Inspecteur L'Inspecteur 0 You have heard all his stories. 30
La Poètesse La Poètesse 0 You have heard all her poems. 30
L'Homme libre L'Homme libre 0 You agreed with Gérard: when the city doesn't want it, it's not happening. 15
L'Éditorialiste L'Éditorialiste 0 You have heard all his chronicles. 30
Le Sans-abri Le Sans-abri 0 Hervé helped you with your investigation. 15
Le Père Le Père 0 You helped Carlo construct the perfect lie. 15
Le Loup-Garou Le Loup-Garou 0 You played with Hyoga. 15
Le Couple Le Couple 0 You agreed to help Lucie & Émilie. 15
La Vieille dame au flingue La Vieille dame au flingue 0 You accepeted Carolina's offer. 15
Le Pierre Richard Le Pierre Richard 0 You unfortunately learned what trichiasis was. 10
La Patronne La Patronne 0 You spied on Géraldine. 15
Le Pick-Up Artist Le Pick-Up Artist 0 You were straight with Phil. 20
Le Chat Le Chat 0 You drove Crouky to Saint-Lazare station. 20
Le Hacker Le Hacker 0 You we straight with Jonas about your beliefs. 15
La Mathématicienne La Mathématicienne 0 You heard something on Shohreh's ghost station. 15
La Réalisatrice La Réalisatrice 0 You were honest with Amélie. 15
La Thésarde La Thésarde 0 You played Léonie tribal house…and she loved it. 15
Le Chevalier Le Chevalier 0 You did your best to play along with Childéric. 15
Le Lanceur d'alerte Le Lanceur d'alerte 0 You asked Julian to help you. 15
Le Liseur Le Liseur 0 Kader told you he was reading The Count of Monte Cristo. 15
Le Flic Le Flic 0 Pierrot threw up. 22
La Retraitée La Retraitée 0 You got to the train station at the very last minute. 15
La Journaliste La Journaliste 0 You chose romance. 15
La Voix du futur La Voix du futur 0 You found Janet's station. 15
Les Rôlistes Les Rôlistes 0 You floored Xenofex. 30
Le Multi-millionnaire Le Multi-millionnaire 0 Holy crap…434 million euros! 43
La Cheffe La Cheffe 0 Your head is spinning. 10
L'Étudiante en vétérinaire L'Étudiante en vétérinaire 0 You took care of Émilia's problem. 15
La Charretière La Charretière 0 You have heard all of her stories. 30
Le Boss Le Boss 0 You refused to listen to your boss' explanations. 15