Whipseey and the Lost Atlas Achievements

Daniel Ramirez
Blowfish Studios

There are 21 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Summer Time Summer Time 0 Clear the Beach Level. 50
Pink Spring Pink Spring 0 Clear the Forest Level. 50
Cowboy Cowboy 0 Clear the Desert Level. 50
Pink Freeze Pink Freeze 0 Clear the Snow Level. 50
Castle Raider Castle Raider 0 Clear the Castle Level. 50
Acrobat Acrobat 0 Swing with the whip. 25
Hover Hover 0 Hover for at least 3 seconds. 25
High Tide High Tide 0 Jump on an enemy and make it fall into the water. 25
Dedicated Dedicated 0 Clear a level defeating all enemies. 25
Catch a ride Catch a ride 0 Ride a giant enemy from the Snow Level. 25
Whipmaster Whipmaster 0 Defeat 50 enemies. 25
No Chill No Chill 0 Clear any level without using a potion. 25
Untouchable Untouchable 0 Clear any level without taking damage. 25
Immortal Immortal 0 Clear any level without dying. 25
Pink Justice Pink Justice 0 Clear a boss without taking damage. 50
The Boss The Boss 0 Clear all bosses without taking damage. 100
Jelly Toast Jelly Toast 0 Clear the beach level boss without dying. 75
Spring Fury Spring Fury 0 Clear the Forest Level boss without dying. 75
Cactus Juice Cactus Juice 0 Clear the Desert Level boss without dying. 75
Pink Blizzard Pink Blizzard 0 Clear the Snow Level boss without dying. 75
Pink Spell Pink Spell 0 Clear the Castle Level boss without dying. 75