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Cyber Shadow Achievements

Full list of Cyber Shadow achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Cyber Shadow has 40 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Pacifist Pacifist 0 Reach the Smasher without killing enemies. 16
Smashing Smashing 0 Defeat Smasher without destroying the wall turrets. 16
Fight with honor Fight with honor 0 Defeat the Apparitor without hitting him in the back. 16
Long distance Long distance 0 Defeat Laserbrain without hitting it with your sword. 16
Wouldn't hurt a fly Wouldn't hurt a fly 0 Complete Chapter 2 elevator without killing rust flies. 16
Not a scratch Not a scratch 0 Defeat Scrambler without taking damage. 16
Focused effort Focused effort 0 Defeat Hunter Tank without destroying the popup turrets. 16
Boring Boring 0 Destroy 5 hunter bores. 16
Blade's plenty Blade's plenty 0 Defeat Biohunter with sword only. 16
Live forever Live forever 0 Reach the dojo without dying. 31
Dry socks Dry socks 0 Defeat Mekadragon without falling into water. 16
Floor is lava Floor is lava 0 Defeat six AI vessel defense system turrets without touching floor. 16
Ping pong Ping pong 0 Defeat Subject Alpha v1 by parrying only. 31
Show off Show off 0 Defeat Subject Alpha v2 with 0 SP at the start of battle. 16
Fast track Fast track 0 Defeat Tunnel Cleaner in under 60 seconds. 16
Don't touch the paint Don't touch the paint 0 Complete the bike ride without taking damage. 16
Attacking aggressively Attacking aggressively 0 Defeat the Dropship in under 30 seconds. 16
This is my boat This is my boat 0 Complete boat ride without teambots touching the deck. 16
Pogo master Pogo master 0 Lightning strike the Combinatron head ten times without landing. 16
Eye for an eye Eye for an eye 0 Defeat each of the small eyes before defeating Spiderail. 16
Lonely robot Lonely robot 0 Find the lone robot in the train tunnel. 16
Tools of the trade Tools of the trade 0 Find four different special items. 16
Gadgetmaster Gadgetmaster 0 Find eight different special items. 31
Airtime Airtime 0 Stay airborne for 30 seconds. 16
No you No you 0 Parry 50 times. 31
Super ninja Super ninja 0 Shadow dash through 10 enemies without touching ground. 31
Saving the clan Saving the clan 0 Get shuriken. 16
Rise to the challenge Rise to the challenge 0 Get rising fire. 16
Strike them down Strike them down 0 Get airstrike. 16
Monkey around Monkey around 0 Get wall slide. 16
Forged will Forged will 0 Get katana forge. 16
Deflect evil Deflect evil 0 Get parry. 16
Sudden movements Sudden movements 0 Get dash. 16
Overpowered Overpowered 0 Get charge. 31
Born ready Born ready 0 Finish normal mode without collecting any HP or SP upgrades. 91
Maximum power Maximum power 0 Find all SP upgrades. 31
A thousand souls A thousand souls 0 Find all HP upgrades. 31
Returned to ethos Returned to ethos 0 Finish normal mode. 31
Fast as lightning Fast as lightning 0 Finish normal mode in under 3 hours. 91
100% 100% 0 Finish normal mode with all powerups collected. 91