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TwinCop Achievements

Find all the TwinCop achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 24 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

An Explosive Performance An Explosive Performance 0 Cut the correct bomb wire 3 times with less than 5 seconds remaining on the timer. 30
Not A Scratch Not A Scratch 0 Drive TwinCar to its destination without hitting any other cars. 30
Deadly Diet Deadly Diet 0 Kill 10 enemies in the grocery store with fruits and vegetables. 50
We’re Commandeering These Fruits We’re Commandeering These Fruits 0 Leave the grocery store armed with fruits or veggies. 10
Gas Prices Are Too High For That Gas Prices Are Too High For That 0 Fill the TwinCar with gas without spilling any. 30
‘R’ Stands For “Really Fast” ‘R’ Stands For “Really Fast” 0 Drive TwinCar to its destination while only driving in reverse. 50
We're Just So Thirsty We're Just So Thirsty 0 Destroy all of the PopTop vending machines. 75
BFFs BFFs 0 Find all of the friendship bracelets. 75
Hurts, Donut? Hurts, Donut? 0 Attract 250 enemies with May's Donut Trap ability. 30
Like Putting Fish In A Barrel Like Putting Fish In A Barrel 0 Send 75 enemies away with Brody's Holy Mackerel ability. 30
Shock And Awe Shock And Awe 0 Tase 250 enemies with Will's Super Taser ability. 30
Line 'Em Up Line 'Em Up 0 Snipe 150 enemies with Angela's Laser Snipe ability. 30
That Burning Sensation That Burning Sensation 0 Set 250 enemies ablaze with Josie's Flare Gun ability. 30
Return To Sender Return To Sender 0 Block 500 projectiles with John's Baton Block ability. 30
Hook, Shot, and Sinker Hook, Shot, and Sinker 0 Grapple 75 enemies with Killa Kill's Hookshot ability. 30
The Doctor Is In The Doctor Is In 0 Punch 250 enemies with Dr. Fist's Spectral Fist ability. 30
That's Twinsane! That's Twinsane! 0 Use Twinsanity 100 times! 100

Secret Achievements

Only The Beginning Only The Beginning 0 Complete the training. 5
The Twin Cities The Twin Cities 0 Complete chapter one. 25
The Factory The Factory 0 Complete chapter two. 50
The Highrise The Highrise 0 Complete chapter three. 100
That Was No Accident That Was No Accident 0 Defeat Mecha Pontoon 50
At Least It's Recyclable At Least It's Recyclable 0 Defeat PopTank. 50
Secret of the Falls Secret of the Falls 0 There's always a secret behind the waterfall. 30