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Light Fairytale Episode 1 Achievements

Find all the Light Fairytale Episode 1 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 29 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

All cleared! All cleared! 0 Cleared all the achievements. Congratulations! 80
The journey begins The journey begins 0 Completed Haru's story. 60
Alternate journey Alternate journey 0 Completed Kuroko's story. 40

Secret Achievements

Dreamer boy Dreamer boy 0 Tried to return to the cliff just after the opening cutscene. 20
B-bomb?! B-bomb?! 0 Got a bomb from the hiding cat girl. 60
Sneaky Sneaky 0 Talked to some NPCs from behind. 20
That was close! That was close! 0 Slipped near the cliff. 20
Welcome home! Welcome home! 0 Rested at Haru's place before the fortune teller event. 20
Childhood friends Childhood friends 0 Checked the gray duck at the park with Kuroko. 40
There you are! There you are! 0 Found hiding Kuroko. 20
Ruled by these guys?! Ruled by these guys?! 0 Overheard the station soldiers talking. 20
Out of my way! Out of my way! 0 Talked to the sprinting scavenger. 20
Scary smile... Scary smile... 0 Talked to angry Kuroko. 20
1st win! 1st win! 0 Won your 1st battle. 20
A.R beginner A.R beginner 0 Got used to your A.R. goggles before the 1st battle. 20
Freebie Freebie 0 Rested during the spiders battles. 40
Fizzle maniac Fizzle maniac 0 Checked the fizzle vending machine before the fortune teller event. 40
My precious... My precious... 0 Checked the class 3 A.R. goggles before talking to Daisuke. 20
Night rider! Night rider! 0 Did better than Kuroko's high score. 40
Calculating guy Calculating guy 0 Got the ground credits in level 1 or 2 after the fortune teller event. 40
Glasses... Glasses... 0 Gave back Emiko's credits. 40
"Haru? Haru! Haruuu!" "Haru? Haru! Haruuu!" 0 Got caught during the stealth minigame. 20
High scorers club High scorers club 0 Got a high score of 75+ in the stealth minigame. 40
Number one Number one 0 Got the stealth contest's ultimate prize. 60
Ex-number one Ex-number one 0 Got an orb from the former number one. 60
Materialist Materialist 0 Went to the corridor with Miyu's materials. 40
Don't anger me Don't anger me 0 Reached the fury status during a battle. 20
100+ HP damage 100+ HP damage 0 Did a 100+ single HP damage to an enemy. 20
250+ HP damage 250+ HP damage 0 Did a 250+ single HP damage to an enemy. 40