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Tools Up! Achievements

Find all the Tools Up! achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 31 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

It was suppose to be an easy job... It was suppose to be an easy job... 0 Reach the first biome 10
Tea at the Garden Party Tea at the Garden Party 0 Reach the second biome 10
Song of ice and snow Song of ice and snow 0 Reach the third biome 10
Manor at the Top Manor at the Top 0 Reach the fourth biome 25
Dungeons and Wagons Dungeons and Wagons 0 Reach the fifth biome 25
Who you gonna call? Who you gonna call? 0 Reach the sixth biome 25
5% of players do this 5% of players do this 0 Reach the last floor 90
Catch'em all! Catch'em all! 0 Unlock all characters 90
Best Party Ever Best Party Ever 0 Master all Party levels 90
Allstar player Allstar player 0 Finish the game with all stars 200
First day at work First day at work 0 Finish the first level 10
Half way there! Half way there! 0 Finish 15 levels 20
It's a trap! It's a trap! 0 Make delivery guy stumble over a stain 30
Catcher Catcher 0 Catch something middle-air 30
Leave me alone! Leave me alone! 0 Free yourself from another player 15
Three-point three goal Three-point three goal 0 Throw another player 15
Geronimooo! Geronimooo! 0 Fall from a bridge 30
I can't see it! I can't see it! 0 Turn the camera 20
The floor is lava! The floor is lava! 0 Bounce off lava 20
Doggy no! Doggy no! 0 Stumble over the dog 20
Expert Doom Architect Expert Doom Architect 0 Stumble, create a stain, make somebody stumble on it 30
Ain't no shakin' without breakin' Ain't no shakin' without breakin' 0 Turn a bucket of resource into a bucket of garbage 20
Swimming time Swimming time 0 Fall into the water 15
Fishing time Fishing time 0 Get something out of the water 20
Creative Architect Creative Architect 0 Break the wrong wall 25
Couch Co-op Couch Co-op 0 Carry the couch with four players 25
You shall not pass You shall not pass 0 Install a door in a wrong place 10
Expert Botcher Expert Botcher 0 Paint the wall with wrong paint 20
Got you! Got you! 0 Catch another player middle-air 20
Good Times Good Times 0 Make a somersault 15
Breach, clear! Breach, clear! 0 Kick the door 15