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Tools Up! Garden Party - Episode 1: The Tree House Achievements

Full list of Tools Up! Garden Party - Episode 1: The Tree House achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Tools Up! Garden Party - Episode 1: The Tree House has 30 achievements worth 305 gamerscore

Grass artist (Grasstist?) Grass artist (Grasstist?) 0 Cut all the grass on the level in all possible ways 10
Solid Hose Solid Hose 0 Water all plants on level with garden hose 15
It’s outta control! It’s outta control! 0 Let garden hose ruin 10 objects 10
A friend or foe? A friend or foe? 0 Let dog plow 5 tiles 10
Who’ll let the dogs out? Who’ll let the dogs out? 0 Pet a dog 10
Burglary to the fullest Burglary to the fullest 0 Let Racoon steal 10 objects from you 10
Movin out! Movin out! 0 Carry 4 furniture pieces at once 10
Movin in! Movin in! 0 Place all decorations in wrong places 10
Diglets Diglets 0 Pick up another player with a shovel 10
Over the hedge! Over the hedge! 0 Throw a player with a shovel 10
Secario Secario 0 Cut 100 tiles with a lawn mower 10
I like boats I like boats 0 Throw 50 objects to water 10
Clear all the oceans Clear all the oceans 0 Pick up 51 objects from water 10
Lavash Lavash 0 Throw 25 objects into lava 10
Full rock house Full rock house 0 Full all slots around cobble resource 10
No pain without gain No pain without gain 0 Clean 25 Mole Ground Piles 10
Inside job Inside job 0 Banish the Mole! 10
Traveler Traveler 0 Travel on 5 lava tiles in one level 10
Pool party Pool party 0 Throw all objects on map to swimming pool 10
Rock band Rock band 0 Pick cobble with 4 players 10
Ouchy Ouchy 0 Get stinged by cactus 25 times 10
World Cup World Cup 0 Score a goal! 10
For Three! For Three! 0 Score a plant right into the box 10
Forest planner Forest planner 0 Plant a miserable tree again like a pro 10
Michelangelo Buonarroti Michelangelo Buonarroti 0 Sculpt a sculpture in 10 seconds or less 10
Beware the dog Beware the dog 0 Scare the toxic ghost with the help of your trusty sidekick 10
Autumn at finest Autumn at finest 0 Scatter all leaves to the fullest 10
Pusher 3000 Pusher 3000 0 Push toxic ghost outside the level 10
Ghost Truster Ghost Truster 0 Let toxic ghost destroy 10 objects on the level 10
GhostBuster GhostBuster 0 Don't let toxic ghost destroy anything on the level 10

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