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Pile Up! Box by Box Achievements

Full list of Pile Up! Box by Box achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Pile Up! Box by Box has 38 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

First steps First steps 0 Played the Tutorial 15
Explorer Explorer 0 Explored the Boxling Square 15
Piggybank Piggybank 0 Picked up every collectible 60
Pile Up Pile Up 0 Made a pile of 5 boxes 15
Pile Upper Pile Upper 0 Made a pile of 10 boxes 15
Pile Upperer Pile Upperer 0 Made a pile of 20 boxes 15
Clean Space Clean Space 0 Thrown a pile of 10 or more boxes into the water 15
Companion Cube Companion Cube 0 Carried an item through 10 consecutive rooms 15
Hey, come back! Hey, come back! 0 Built an autonomous flying box 15
Retro Gaming Retro Gaming 0 Played every arcade game 15
High jump High jump 0 High jump: Heavy dash and jump! 15
Long jump Long jump 0 Long jump: Dash and jump! 15
A Big Mess A Big Mess 0 Destroyed a pile of at least 10 boxes 15
Costume Change Costume Change 0 Put on a new outfit 15
Faster than LightSeed Faster than LightSeed 0 Finished the game faster than the Seed by Seed record 60
Fashionista Fashionista 0 Bought every costume 60
Arachnophile Arachnophile 0 Scared every spider 30
Hydrophobic Hydrophobic 0 Completed a world without falling 60
Fish Food Fish Food 0 Fell 100 times 15
Statue Statue 0 Struck a pose on a pedestal 15
Concert Concert 0 Listened to a musical performance by some slimy friends 15
Lighthouse Keeper Lighthouse Keeper 0 Opened the bonus route in Frogipelago 30
Ribbeat Ribbeat 0 Completed Frogipelago 100% 30
Sunshine Sunshine 0 Opened every parasol 15
Cinema Cinema 0 Watched a movie with upside-down friends 15
Spelunker Spelunker 0 Opened the bonus route in Citizen Cave 30
Squash Smash Squash Smash 0 Smashed every squash 15
Movie Star Movie Star 0 Completed Citizen Cave 100% 30
Fireworks Fireworks 0 Enjoyed some fireworks with spiky friends 15
Climber Climber 0 Opened the bonus route in Forest Fair 30
Movin Out Movin Out 0 Moved the wall of boxes to another room 15
Birthday Boy Birthday Boy 0 Completed Forest Fair 100% 30
Theater Theater 0 Watched a performance by colorful friends 15
Suit Up! Suit Up! 0 Opened the bonus route in Feather Theater 30
Curtain Drop Curtain Drop 0 Completed Feather Theater 100% 30
You monster... You monster... 0 Did something horrible… 15
And now what? And now what? 0 Bounced a trampoline… on another trampoline! 15
Boxling Boxling 0 Unlocked all other achievements 130