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We Happy Few - Lightbearer Achievements

Find all the We Happy Few - Lightbearer achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 10 achievements with a total of 180 points.

Golden Idol Golden Idol 0 Vibed All Nick Statues 15
Liner Notes Liner Notes 0 Picked Up All Lore Items 30
Mind Blower Mind Blower 0 Blew Minds of 15 People After a Charged Facemelt 15
Love Me Don't Love Me Don't 0 Serenaded 30 people 15
Great vibrations Great vibrations 0 Parried 30 attacks with the Vibe 15
The Hits Just Keep On Coming The Hits Just Keep On Coming 0 Hit 3 NPCs with the Same Gold Record 15
The Full Nicky The Full Nicky 0 Pole Danced Naked 15

Secret Achievements

#1 on the Charts #1 on the Charts 0 Lifetime Achievement Award 30
One Day In The Life One Day In The Life 0 Survived Day 1 15
B Side B Side 0 Survived Day 2 15

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