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We Happy Few Achievements

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There are 40 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Arthur Haste-ings Arthur Haste-ings 0 You successfully took Phlash as Arthur 15
A Bit of The Old Ultraviolence A Bit of The Old Ultraviolence 0 Killed 100 NPCs across all playthroughs 15
Our Prudent Friend Our Prudent Friend 0 Listened to all the phone calls in the phoneboxes 15
Shocking Biology Shocking Biology 0 Killed a guy named Ryan Andrews 15
That Kind Of Game That Kind Of Game 0 Retrieved the credentials from the club 15
The Slaughterer's Apprentice The Slaughterer's Apprentice 0 Finished all of the butcher's apprentice quests 15
Mother of All Victories Mother of All Victories 0 Completed "Band of Brothers" encounter 15
The Great Lubricator The Great Lubricator 0 Delivered the cod liver oil 15
Not In Kansas Any More Not In Kansas Any More 0 Crossed into the Village for the first time 15
Archipelagist Archipelagist 0 Set foot on every island 15
The Importance of Not Being Seen The Importance of Not Being Seen 0 Finished Mystery House without being spotted once 15
Cat Burglar Cat Burglar 0 In Thomasina House - Collected all fake cats 15
Gimme Shelter Gimme Shelter 0 Unlocked all of Arthur's shelters 30
I Got Better I Got Better 0 Contracted and cured the plague 15
The Saint The Saint 0 Completed the entire game without directly murdering anyone 90
Baby You're a Rich Man Baby You're a Rich Man 0 Gained £1000 from looting/bartering across playthroughs 15
Don't You Have Somewhere Else To Be? Don't You Have Somewhere Else To Be? 0 Survived 50 days 90
Now I Can Die Happy Now I Can Die Happy 0 Died while overdosing on Joy 15
Remember, Remember Remember, Remember 0 Found all collectibles 90
You Do Know Jack You Do Know Jack 0 Collected all Uncle Jack Shows 30
Snug as a Bug on a Drug Snug as a Bug on a Drug 0 Took the Joy at the very beginning of the game 15
Employee of the month Employee of the month 0 Read all newspaper articles as Arthur, and redacted only the uncomfortable ones 15
Enjoy the View Enjoy the View 0 Correctly sabotaged Clive Birtwhistle's redactor work 15
Downer Downer 0 Completed Arthur's intro 15
The Arthur Hastings The Arthur Hastings 0 Finished Arthur's playthrough 30
Hot on her Heels Hot on her Heels 0 Found all notes related to Prudence 30
Resistance is Futile Resistance is Futile 0 Talked to Johnny Bolton from the Secret Radio Room 100
Breaking Blackberry Breaking Blackberry 0 Completed Sally intro 15
I Love the Smell of Chloroform in the Mornin I Love the Smell of Chloroform in the Mornin 0 Knocked out 50 NPCs with the Atomizer 15
The Wyrd Sisters The Wyrd Sisters 0 Completed the Crones encounter 15
The Toxic Ex The Toxic Ex 0 Completed speaking with Verloc at the Joy Factory 15
The Sally Boyle The Sally Boyle 0 Finished Sally's playthrough 30
Gotta Catch Them All! Gotta Catch Them All! 0 Caught 40 butterflies with Sally's butterfly net 15
Sugar Daddy Sugar Daddy 0 Injected yourself with glucose 10 times 15
Lighten Up Lighten Up 0 Used 25 lightning rods, playing as Ollie 15
Bon Voyage Bon Voyage 0 Completed Ollie's intro 15
Miss Byng is Indisposed Miss Byng is Indisposed 0 Completed "No Place Like Home" encounter 15
Get the Float Out of Here Get the Float Out of Here 0 Completed "The Jack-o-Bean Club" encounter. 15
A Heavy Burden A Heavy Burden 0 Spread the Message 15
The Ollie Starkey The Ollie Starkey 0 Finished Ollie's playthrough 30

Secret Achievements

Shouldn't These Be Red? Shouldn't These Be Red? 0 Destroyed 50 Explosive Barrels 15
Headmaster Headmaster 0 Got 100 Headshots 15
Well-Read Well-Read 0 Picked Up All Lore Items 30
Metal Guru Metal Guru 0 Killed 8 Robots in the Intro 15
Poor Viv Poor Viv 0 Completed Act 1 15
Local Hero Local Hero 0 Saved all the Villagers 15
Queen Faraday Queen Faraday 0 Completed Act 2 15
Deprogrammed Deprogrammed 0 Completed Act 3 15
Helter Smelter Helter Smelter 0 Pushed 7 Robots Into the Smelter 15
A Smashing Adventure A Smashing Adventure 0 Completed the DLC 30

We Happy Few - Lightbearer

There are 10 achievements with a total of 180 points.

Golden Idol Golden Idol 0 Vibed All Nick Statues 15
Liner Notes Liner Notes 0 Picked Up All Lore Items 30
Mind Blower Mind Blower 0 Blew Minds of 15 People After a Charged Facemelt 15
Love Me Don't Love Me Don't 0 Serenaded 30 people 15
Great vibrations Great vibrations 0 Parried 30 attacks with the Vibe 15
The Hits Just Keep On Coming The Hits Just Keep On Coming 0 Hit 3 NPCs with the Same Gold Record 15
The Full Nicky The Full Nicky 0 Pole Danced Naked 15

Secret Achievements

#1 on the Charts #1 on the Charts 0 Lifetime Achievement Award 30
One Day In The Life One Day In The Life 0 Survived Day 1 15
B Side B Side 0 Survived Day 2 15

We Happy Few - We All Fall Down

There are 10 achievements with a total of 180 points.

Bibliophile Bibliophile 0 Collected All Lore Notes 30
Self Actualized Self Actualized 0 Unlocked All Upgrades 15
Alley Catch Alley Catch 0 Found Loot in Alleyway 15
Canal Retentive Canal Retentive 0 Found Loot in Canal 15
Push Over Push Over 0 Knocked Down 40 NPCs With Whip Shove Combo 15
Down the Tubes Down the Tubes 0 Zapped 20 Different TVs with Dart Gun 15
All Natural All Natural 0 Finished DLC With No Upgrades 15

Secret Achievements

A Bright, Shiny Medal A Bright, Shiny Medal 0 Did Your Duty 30
Factory Finish Factory Finish 0 Restored Order at Haworth Labs 15
Tap Out Tap Out 0 Shut Off Joy Supply to Waterworks 15